Tips for Social Networking

6 reasons why your company should be on social networks

Perhaps you think it’s a waste of time, it complicate your life, your company has more important things to do than be on social networks. Then I’ll give you six reasons why your company should be on social networks that should change your mind.

company on social networks

It is where customers are

Every day increases the penetration of social networks, both in number of people, and in time they devote to them. In addition the age range was extended even to the older population, which although initially have more difficulty with the use of technology, spend more time in them, to have more free time to be retired.

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Allow you to correct the errors

Your company has been able to make decisions that have had their impact on the market: a communication error, not properly attended to a customer, not properly settled a claim, etc. Social networks can be a way for your company rectified and announce measures that will take to correct errors and prevent that they do not become to produce.

Market research

Before removing a new product to the market ask your followers, might not have the acceptance that you expect or need to make changes in size, color or functionality. Do this when the product already on the market will be very costly both financially and in image.

Affordable costs

A startup does not usually have a large marketing budget. The use of social networks allows you to make campaigns with small budgets. There are companies that offer monthly rates assumable for a small business with different levels of service. Another option is to free a person from your company of his time or hire someone to manage it.

Channel customer service

Customers are increasingly reluctant to use the phone to manage their claims. While it is convenient to have several communication channels available and that is your client who choose the preferred, more and more customers opt for social networks, making public their complaints. That, in principle, can be a risk for the company’s reputation, well managed customer care through this channel is an opportunity to increase the prestige of your company.

Increase customers confidence

Social networks allow you to be next to your customers and they know you. A close and transparent company creates confidence. And trust is the reason why customers can choose your company instead of your competition.