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Errors of Landing Pages to avoid for the success of your campaign

Landing pages are vital to the success of a campaign. You stake everything on only one page, since the user has no possibility to browse your website: can only accept your offer or leave. With this in mind, it is important that the page is optimized and does not commit any of these landing pages errors.

Frequent errors in design of landing pages

Try landing pages as if it is one more section of your website
A landing page serves a particular purpose. You must follow your brand image (fonts, logos, colors, images …) but do not have to meet the overall design of your site.

In this case the design is subject to a purpose (one only). So forget about menus, sidebars, unnecessary information and elements that may distract.

Overloaded design
When it comes to landing pages, design and text should form a perfect match and be made for each other. A design with too many elements or very showy colors is going to have a deterrent effect on the user, they will not know where to look or what to do.

errors of landing pages

Takes too long to load
The loading time is a critical factor in all websites, but also in the landing pages. When the user reaches the landing page may come from an Adwords campaign, a mailing campaign, a publication on social networks… they can know your brand and your offer, or not to have ever heard your name.

It has no reason to wait, so if the page takes too long to load it can lose patience.

Not mobile friendly
Are you going to lose that large percentage of Internet users who use the Internet daily from their mobile devices?

You have used the same landing page for all users
Landing pages must be adapted to the characteristics of the user to have the maximum chance of success. We talk about their socio-demographic characteristics, but also the fact if they are already clients, whether they follow on social networks or if they receive your newsletter.

Keep in mind all these factors for design and content adapted accordingly. For example, if you’ve done a campaign with the people in your mailing list, you can add the message “Exclusive for subscribers”. In your Adwords campaigns or social networking you should change this message by another appropriate one.

Lack of a good headline
If you do not manage a powerful headline the visitor has a good chance to leave. Do not underestimate this part: creates several headlines, compare them and do tests with them to find the most effective.

The text is too long
There are no fixed rules on the ideal length of a landing page. Common sense dictates that more expensive the product, the text should be more long. When the investment grows do also the doubts and fears that must be deleted with the text.

The problem is that if you write too long your visitors can get tired halfway. Do not extend more than necessary.

You have outstanding features, not benefits
Imagine you sell a computer with certain features of processor, memory and speed. Fill your landing page with a series of technical data difficult to understand for all the people who lack the computer skills.

What will be the result? Just you sell computers because the audience is unable to understand your product. You need to include all the features of a product, but also necessary to translate them into benefits. That is, all the problems that solve or the advantages that contribute.

Calls to action are too generic
Another major error of landing pages are the typical “Click here” or “Find Out More” that are already very worn. Replaces expressions by other more specific as “I want my computer now” or “Give me my gift!”

Ask for a lot of information
If you have managed to get the user when filling out the form, you’ve accomplished a lot. The risk now is missed because the form does not work or is too long to fill. Limits the fields to the essential ones to increase the possibilities of success.