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How To Market Your Small Business Online

Running a small business can certainly be a challenge. You may have a modest budget to work with and fewer people helping you out, but there are still ways to ensure that your small business makes a big splash. The key is in great digital marketing that captures the attention of your target audience. From your online customer service to your website and social media, everything you put out there for your audience is a marketing opportunity. Make the most of these opportunities, and your business should take off.

Regardless of the size of your business, a strong website is absolutely essential. This will be the first port of call for most customers, so it’s key that they see your business at its absolute best online. We recommend investing as much as you can into this aspect of your marketing budget – particularly in a Google-driven age when so many customers seek out what they need online. It can be difficult for small business owners with less web experience to get their website up and running, so it’s often worth bringing a web development company on board. They can make sure that your site runs perfectly and that the design looks sleek and professional.

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Your website and social media can do the bulk of your marketing for you. Content is a great marketing medium for 2017. You can use the blog page of your website to host informative and educational articles that your target market will find useful. Make sure you share all of your content on your social media platforms, and keep keywords, SEO, and headline strategies in mind when writing articles for your blog.

While you should definitely provide plenty of clear information on your website about your business, we’d also recommend including evergreen content that can be recycled over the years while remaining relevant and interesting for your audience. All of your content should be shared across social media so that as many eyes as possible see your message.

When it comes to your social media marketing, engaging with your customers on a one-to-one basis will be crucial. Try to respond to every single query and comment you receive on social media, and give your followers plenty of opportunities to engage by presenting them with questions, fun infographics and relevant content on every platform.

Don’t be afraid to explore newer social media platforms outside of Facebook and Twitter – these can be great ways to interact with a whole new audience and expand your business’s reach. Just be sure to do your research before expanding your social media marketing so that you know your tone and content is right.

Aside from the accessibility and potential authenticity of social media as an online marketing tool, it also provides a budget-friendly marketing solution for small businesses. If you have a little more money to work with, you can invest in sponsored posts on certain social media channels, but even those with a very tight budget can get content out there at a minimal expense. You’ll also be able to tailor the reach of your posts to meet your particular marketing needs, adjusting the post’s target audience to suit the age and location of your customers, as well as other specific details that will narrow down the field.