Tips for Social Networking

Tips for effective customer service in social networks

In the online world, one of the key features that guarantee success or failure of a business is based on service quality to the customer attention. The customers give each time more importance to the quality of the care they receive before hiring a service or a product.

customer service in social networks

Social networks are a powerful way for businesses to adapt and manage to know your customers and what they need, but poorly managed can turn out to be a time bomb.

The user across the networks manages to communicate with major facility and without intermediaries their concerns or suggestions about a product or service, which is very beneficial for the company but also has the same ease to issue dislikes or disagreements.

If a company has a presence in social networks should be attentive to provide excellent customer service, respond in fast, accurate and friendly way to doubts or concerns of the user to let you see what is important and their claims are heard.

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Tips for effective customer service


Human being and nearby, in social network it is essential to maintain a more intimate, close and personal contact with the customer, you must feel they are part of a group in which you are attended and listened carefully.

Constancy and moderation

Customers want to be aware of the most relevant information of the brand following but not receive a barrage of information that fills all your timeline.


The user will not be all day on the net but when they want to know something about the brand hopes that the answer is not long in coming and it is accompanied by a solution or advice.


Promotions and bonuses are an interesting alternative to reward those who are part of a brand on social networks, encouraging them to remain active and share the contents of the company.

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Provide other channels

To venture into social networks it is recommended for brands to have a presence in various channels to offer different alternatives to users, the more options the companies have to more customers will be able to come.

Negative comments by positive

Each time a customer makes a suggestion or complaint is an opportunity for the brand to show their diligence and effectiveness in solving problems.

All manufacturers to enter the world of social networks should opt to provide solutions, information and a quality experience to the end user.

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