7 tips to optimize videos on Facebook

Let’s talk about how to improve the engagement of the videos on Facebook of how to optimize videos on Facebook. To begin with, a general consideration: the power of video is often underestimated. And it’s inexcusable.

optimizing videos on Facebook

There is widespread awareness that videos are a critical component of marketing strategies because it is a very popular communication formula and is extremely versatile. Videos can be embedded in the corporate YouTube channel, added to other social networks and even e-mail mailing. And it’s only as a principle.

Perhaps everything can be explained by the effort required to produce parts or by the limited capacity of the professionals who need that kind of direct promotion to believe that they can give the face – never better said – and look good in the videos.

A very effective way to use video is uploading them to Facebook directly, creating actions to optimize videos on Facebook and to improve the social engagement of the associated web project. Studies, and the most basic common sense, show that the original videos are those who receive more ‘likes’, those who receive more favorable actions and more comments.

In fact, Facebook algorithms favor the spread of native YouTube videos, movies created in the social media. The videos uploaded on Facebook receive more than 4,000 million daily visits. Not to think about it? yes you use Facebook to spread professionals and corporate videos that help the online marketing.

Facebook as a goal
But we are going with the tips on how to optimize videos on Facebook, following a telegraphic style, with clear and much summarized arguments.

Quality. Make sure that the videos have a good quality, not only as to the content it offers, but to provide their images. We talk about high definition. For a closer look.

Duration. There is a report of Wistia, a video hosting firm, but their results could support them otherwise, which says that the length of a video must not exceed five minutes. With older videos, the participation rate of users falls ostensibly. The most visited videos do not exceed three minutes or have less than thirty seconds.

Attention capacity. The average attention to the videos is, as suggested by other studies, between 8 and 9 seconds. Capture interest at that time is key to optimize videos on Facebook. And it can be achieved in many ways, for example, with a flashy headline, with intentionally striking questions, with a touch of attention to issues that concern users.

Creates a flashy name. The title help viewers to understand the context in which it has recorded the video or the purpose of its production.

Thumbnails. The thumbnails that accompany the videos are a perfect formula to draw attention. Facebook offers several options to capture video images.

Classification of videos. The social network facilitates sort videos in a matching category with the issue of content. Although the category does not appear in the feed video, nor shown to the audience, instead you have the guarantee that the videos will not be lost in any way, but it will continue a pattern of logical classification, which you want, which is not small.

Call to Action. Do not forget to activate this resource to optimize videos on Facebook. After selecting the call to action, you can add your website, a title and description for the link.

Well, these are the useful tips for optimizing videos on Facebook. The rest, well oriented work.