How to adapt your strategy to the Instagram algorithm

The fears of Instagram fans have been confirmed: the Instagram algorithm that will decide the order in which photos are displayed has entered into force.

Thus ends the chronological order in which the Instagram images have always appeared, starting with the most recent up images has shown.

instagram algorithm

The network ran some tests in March with this new system to organize images. The idea is not liked among users, and it seemed that Instagram had backed down. But a post recently published in the blog of the company confirmed that the change would be final.

According Instagram, users lose 70% of what happens in their feeds. And in the tests performed with the algorithm, it was discovered that users interact more.

The algorithm is implemented will during the month of June 2016 to all members of Instagram.

Factors of Instagram algorithm

Little is known of this algorithm that will decide from now on in what order are displayed the photos, which will only involve two factors:

  • Time of release: The more recent photograph, most likely will have to be displayed in the users feed.
  • Interaction with the person who brought the picture: The more you interact with other users of Instagram, more likely they will see your images.

As you can see, the Instagram algorithm is quite similar to Facebook.

How to adjust your strategy of Instagram algorithm

The strategy must follow in Instagram from now is similar to Facebook: it is to prioritize the quality of the content versus quantity. Publish more is no longer going to be synonymous to reach more people.

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  • Upload only great quality photos and interest to your audience.
  • Use the Instagram statistics to better meet your community. They are not yet available for everyone, but soon will be able to use it. You will have to change your personal profile to one of the company.
  • Write calls to action in the texts of the images, for users to comment and interact more with your images. The more interaction you get, the more visibility have your images.
  • Introduce video on your publishing strategy.
  • Organize contests to generate more interaction.