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Main trends in Online Marketing during 2019

The trends in Online Marketing run like wildfire, so if we are not constantly recycling, we will lose the train. Thus, we must closely follow the new preferences of consumers, technological developments and never forget the behavior and preferences of the user, which will be what marks the way forward.

So, in this article, we want to tell you about the main trends that are expected to dye Online Marketing throughout this year 2019. And that, of course, we have already begun to notice:

1. Consolidation of Content Marketing

As it happened during the year 2018, in 2019 the contents will continue with its reign and not only that, but they will increase their prominence and importance. However, we can see some new trends influenced by the behavior of users:

Fast content: Users increasingly opt for the mobile to consult content. This implies that the user wants to see what they are looking for in a clear and concise way, without having to stay too long on the page or having to scroll too much. The contents must be presented to users in a way that matches their online behavior, but without neglecting the importance of offering quality content.

2. Mix of Social Media and SEO

The search engines give increasing importance to the contents with a high quality for SEO, but in addition, the fact of sharing these contents in social networks will make us raise positions in the search results. So the combinations of SEO and Social Media become one of our best allies. In 2018, Instagram and Facebook continue to be the leading social networks in terms of engagement. Others like Twitter are still useful for certain strategies, depending on the niche in which you want to work.

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3. Protagonism of images and video

The images and the video will reach, even, a greater protagonism between the strategies of Online Marketing. Instagram consolidates as one of the main social networks for users and advertisers. Its design perfectly adapted to mobile devices and the ability to share content in an audiovisual way have made Instagram continue to grow, especially among young people.

4. Increase in the use of mobile devices

If during the past year we already knew the surprising numbers of this type of devices, 2019 will not be left behind. It is expected that searches from mobiles and tablets will grow even more, so that the responsive design will go from being a virtue to being an obligation.

5. Less is more

Simplicity and minimalism remains a winning bet. Both for reasons of performance and for aesthetic reasons, minimalist designs continue to conquer users. It should be noted that any type of design will fail no matter how visual it may be if it is not accompanied by optimal usability and user experience. The patience of the users is getting shorter, a few seconds of waiting or a small failure can be enough for a user to leave a web page.

In short, digital marketing strategies will have to be increasingly focused on the user and their behavior. Quality and simplicity will be rewarded even more and responsive designs, usability and user experience will be three basic pillars in every web page.