Tips for Social Networking

10 secrets to be successful in social networks

Social networks are one of the most powerful tools of the web today, it is there where the consumer is and these give us the opportunity to have a direct contact with them to assess their needs and preferences.

Being successful in social media is not an easy task and requires great analysis and dedication; therefore we reveal the secrets to be successful in social networks that you should know.

Define your target

If you want to be successful you need clear digital strategies, establishing that social networks will be the most functional for your company based on your target customers. Each social network has a different audience and therefore the strategy chosen must be based on who we want to contact. Think of your clients who define a profile of each of them as a prospective buyer of their products or services.

successful in social networks

Create quality content

Content is the most important, consumers do not seek to see advertising or promotions, they seek information and valuable content, that is why you must offer content that is relevant to them, this will generate a relationship of trust with your company allowing them to share information on different platforms, which will make your brand interesting and attractive for search engines.

Measure, measure, measure

The majority of companies when using social networks as a marketing strategy forget a very important factor, metrics. You can spend money and time planning your strategy but this will be in vain if you do not know the ROI (return on investment), and for this, the best way to do it is measuring everything that happens in your profiles, traffic, clicks, conversion measures, among others. Your goal is certainly to increase sales but it is important to always keep in mind that the trust and relationship of your customers with the brand is important. Always keep these metrics will serve to increase the effectiveness of your ROI.

Excellent client service

The interaction with your clients is fundamental to the success of your company, they will expect you to attend them and keep them active to their comments, opinions or suggestions, and therefore the customer service should be your main goal if you want to be successful. It is important that you not only focus on answering some comment, at the moment of doing it your answer must be personal and you must make your clients feel that you are interested in what they have to say, it is about creating bonds and trust, that is why it is so important is the correct image of your company.

Images more than words

The images say more than a thousand words and users in social media are willing to share content if it involves images. They also take up more space in the digital flow. This will increase your visibility and reduce the possibility of any publication being overlooked.

Set clear objectives

What do you want to achieve? What are your main goals? You must have very well defined what your objectives are, whether you want to have visibility for your company, a privileged relationship with your customers, improve search engine positioning, increase sales or improve your corporate image. Whatever your goal, you must be very clear about where you want to start and what objective you want to reach as a first step. This will help you to grow little by little in an effective way in the long term and finally giving you the success that you want.

Interact with your customers

The interaction of your brand with customers must be paramount, your profile, publications, promotions and content must be directed to a target group that generates an action, you do not want a profile where there is no participation by both parties, you want to create relationships and create a company-client feedback, therefore you must keep your profiles always active, with messages, images and content that gets a response from consumers.

Dynamic and entertaining applications

What do you think if you make your profiles more dynamic and entertaining? The applications will help you keep your brand in the minds of your customers, in addition to this way you can attract more visits and traffic that will then be translated to your company’s customers. Innovating is the key to success and with mobile applications or games, the success of your brand will be closer than you expected.

24/7 dynamic work

One of the advantages of social media is the availability of your brand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but just as it is an advantage, you must take advantage of this to work constantly to grow within your profile and improve your presence in them, here the work never ends and if you want to achieve your goals you must commit 100%.

Investigate, inform yourself and apply

Depending on the social network you use, it is important that you inform yourself of all the methods and strategies that you can use to improve your profiles, things like knowing when to post, what days of the week users share or look for more information and important details as these must take into account for the success of your company.