5 hidden benefits of Pinterest for businesses

Pinterest is a visual social network that gives companies the opportunity to make themselves known in a different way to other social networks. One could say that it is characterized by testing the creativity of brands to capture the attention of the target audience.

Pinterest users use the social network to find ideas in different areas of their lives and brands are those that generate 75% of that content to interact and thus achieve some of the objectives of sales, traffic, participation, etc. Although it is a social network different from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, the truth is that it is also a creative marketing tool, different and above all effective. If you still doubt it, here are the 5 hidden benefits of Pinterest for companies.

Positioning in search engines

Pinterest is one of the best social networks to improve SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) through the correct optimization of the image that is published. In addition to improving the position they have in Google or Yahoo, including links also provides the opportunity to double or triple the traffic to the website.

benefits of pinterest

Best sales

The buyable pins help increase sales by providing easy means for users to make purchases from the social network. In addition, the structure of Pinterest is perfect for companies to publish their products or a catalog and direct the link to the e-commerce of the company.

Custom campaigns

Pinterest for companies offers different products such as promoted pins, Pinterest API, among others that allow brands to design, plan and execute personalized campaigns for each client. In this way, a better connection and communication with the target audience is achieved, but it is also possible to deepen customer insights that direct new marketing strategies.

Motivate action

There is currently saturation of advertising on the internet and abroad that it becomes difficult for brands to stand out from the rest, unless they are very original or have large budgets. But Pinterest having a structure different from other social networks, it is flexible and allows the brand to create original and innovative content that captures the attention of the target audience and invites you to perform certain types of actions, such as visiting the website or saving the pin.


The content you create does not stay on your board or someone else’s, it is very easy to get it to expand to other users and even jump from the platform to other social networks, websites or blogs.

When people find ideas that interest them, save them on the board, share them in other networks or send them to other people, they give the brand the opportunity to reach hundreds more people who might be interested, achieving brand visibility and positioning in the mind of consumers.

Although it is true that the way to viralize the content is not the same as other social networks, the truth is that it turns out to be even more effective.

These have been the hidden benefits of Pinterest for companies, which many are unaware or still doubt how they are obtained. Now that you know them, are you ready for Pinterest?