Social Media

How to Turn Social Media into Profitable Media

When it comes to social media, it’s safe to say we all have some exposure to this relatively new, but nonetheless ubiquitous phenomenon. We have all used some form of social media, such as Facebook, to communicate with friends and family, but what you may not know is that social media can also have a more lucrative upside.

Social media can sometimes be a gateway to a successful career for many. It takes a certain know how, and a lot of hard work, but you, too, have a shot at making money doing what you love. Here’s what you need to know.

First of all, you’ll need to establish your online presence. This means, for lack of a better phrase, just showing up. When you make posts to your account, be it a YouTube account, a Tumblr blog, Twitter, etc., you need to do so predictable, which means you need to do so on a schedule. This way, people know what to expect from you.

social media into profitable media

This is a part of your brand, and branding is super important in any business. That’s my biggest tip to you all. Well before you’re making any money, and despite the fact that you may never make any money, treat this as professionally as you would a job. Likewise, dress for the job you want.

Another important thing to remember about striving for a social media focused career is the social aspect of it. You’re going to need to hone those inter personal skills, aka people skills, to a razor edge. Regardless of the path you choose, be it YouTube, Twitter, or Tumblr, you’re going to have to interact with others, and you want those interactions to be pleasant, so you need to come off as affable. If this sounds like a problem for you, consider taking a public speaking course, for example, to better come to terms with interfacing with others without losing your composure.