10 tips to improve security in WordPress

When we have a created website, with all the work that involved, we must never forget safety, since there are great risks that may cause us to lose control over it.

So in this article, we want to show 10 safety tips on WordPress:

improve security in WordPress

Use secure hosting
Some hosting providers are much more vulnerable to being hacked than others. So we must stand carefully when selecting hosting and looking at all the possibilities.

Whenever WordPress offers us a new update, we need to pay attention, because each new version contains patches and corrections that tackle real or potential vulnerabilities.

Create strong passwords
Many times we fall into serious errors to create passwords for our web sites easier to guess: names, familiar figures, etc. This type of actions will put in danger our safety.

Customize the user name
Forget using “admin” as the user name, because serious attacks have occurred on WordPress sites, where using this name and common passwords attempted to connect to websites.

Hide username from the URL of the compressed file
Another type of attack is through the pages of author file of our own site, taking advantage of WordPress display it by default. Therefore, we must hide this information to attackers.

To limit connection attempts
Putting a limit to connection attempts from an IP address to our web site, we will build a barrier of security for the cases in which a bot tries a brute force attack to decrypt the password.

Disable file editing via the control panel
By default, in WordPress, through the control panel we can change and edit the appearance. Thus, in the case that a hacker can access it, also they could modify our site. For this reason, we must disable this possibility.

Avoid using free themes
It is best to avoid the use of free themes, which are not developed by reputable companies, since these may contain data used to insert hidden things in our sites, such as spam links.

Maintain backup
Backup our website is vital, since, although we take great security measures, we cannot be absolutely sure of not being attacked.

Use security plugins
Finally, there are plugins that can be used to strengthen the security of our website.

It is therefore a question of 10 tips that we must follow if we want to ensure our web pages created in WordPress.