4 Reasons why Adwords is the best advertisement for your company

Surely you’ve seen hundreds of Google Adwords ads: to do a search on Google, visiting your favorite websites, or after researching a product. What you may not know is that you also can perform campaigns in Google Adwords, like many other companies that sell online and offline.

google adwords campaign

Google Adwords is an essential tool in the marketing strategy of many successful businesses. Adwords is present in both searches and websites, reaching users in different times and contexts.

Adwords is a very flexible tool with endless possibilities. If you think Adwords is not for you, you should think twice.

4 reasons why Adwords is the best advertisement for your company:

Payment by results
No more spending money without knowing if you are really serving for something. Google Adwords pay when a user clicks on your ad; see your video or your creativity reaches a certain number of prints.

With the monitoring of conversions, this control of the investment is even greater. AdWords lets you know how many times you get a conversion (either a sale or a lead) and focus only on achieving your objectives.

Precise orientation
Adwords has several ways to target ads based on business objectives of each brand, achieving a very accurate segmentation.

On the Search Network, the orientation is performed by keywords, to which must be added options such as geographic segmentation or by device.

On the Display Network, ads can appear on websites selected by you (managed placements) or selected by the system based on the topics or keywords (automatic placements).

You also have the option to target your ads only to people who have visited your website thanks to the remarketing.

Total expenditure control
Spending on Adwords is measured through the daily budget for campaign. When you start your first campaign, you must set an amount that the system can spend each day. To know how much you invest in one month in a campaign, you only have to multiply this figure by 30.4. You can be sure that Adwords will not exceed your monthly budget and you will not carry unpleasant surprises.

If you want to alter a budget or redistribute a budget you can do so at any time.

With Adwords you will enjoy a large number of reports and reports that will measure accurately the state of your advertising campaigns.