5 reasons why nobody reads your blog

The figures of visits of your blog neither move. The comments section looks like the desert. And when you share your articles on social networks the impact is minimal and feels that nobody reads your blog. These are clear signs that something goes wrong in your blog and no one reads it.

Luckily it is easy to solve if you know what the problem is. If you’re just having impact with your content, you feel that no one reads your blog, check out this list of possible errors and learn to fix them.

nobody reads blog

Write for everyone (and anyone)
Some bloggers fear specialize in a niche because they believe that in this way limit their audience, they will have fewer visits and less impact. This is manifested in content that one day focus on one type of audience and the next in another very different audience.

For a blog to succeed you need to give readers reasons to return again and again. That can only be achieved by choosing a niche and staying true to him. Succeeding with a blog that serves different types of readers is much more complicated.

Only talk about yourself
A successful blog focuses on its community of readers and how to provide valuable information. If you talk too much of yourself, or you focus too much on your products or services, it is possible that readers will find the little interesting content.

It’s okay to share personal experiences from time to time, but not lose sight of the reader. With every post you ask yourself with this question: What brings this content to my community?

Forget promotion
Post a article is just the first part of the work of the blogger. You must then promote the post in different channels and ensure that it reaches the prospective reader.

This is very important especially at the beginning, when the blog has few subscribers via e-mail or RSS feed. The easiest way to promote your blog is to share all your posts on social networks. Another very effective way to gain relevance is through guest posts, either as author or publishing guest posts from other people.

Do not think about SEO
The best SEO is good content that will appeals to people. But there are other search engine optimization techniques that can be applied easily on all your items, such as using keywords, optimizing images or writing titles and descriptions.

The design of your blog is improvable
A blogger is a multitasking professional should be able to write, manage social networks, perform maintenance and also make sure that the blog has an attractive design. A site with too many colors, a little legibly or abundant ads can scare away the more interested reader.

Find a template that fits the theme and the reader of your blog. If you fail to decide, start to look at other similar themed blogs and watch their design.

The lack of readers discourages any blogger, but do not give up, do not worry if nobody read your blog. Applying these strategies will improve the blog and will reach audience.