AdWords ads rejected: Why does it happen?

Not everything is acceptable in Google Adwords. To create ads for Adwords should take into account advertising policies. If these are not fulfilled result will be AdWords ads being disapproved, either out of ignorance or deliberately and will not be published. It is important therefore to react soon, because if the ads are not published the campaign may be resentful or even stop altogether, if there is no suitable ad.

Adwords ads Review Process
All Google Adwords ads must be approved after being created. This approval process may take up to one business day since the ad is created. During that time the ad will be published normally, although it may be suspended later.

The approval process verifies that all ads meet the Adwords advertising policies.

The initial status of an ad is “In Review”. If everything is correct your state will go to “Suitable”. Otherwise, it will stop automatically and informed about what policy it violates.

AdWords rejected ads

If any of your ads has been rejected, you can edit it to correct any error. It will automatically be resubmitted for review.

It is important not to return to send the ads until you have corrected them, because if you repeatedly break the Adwords politics your account may be suspended.

Why Adwords rejected my ads?
AdWords rejected ads follow Adwords policies. These are divided into four major groups:

  • Prohibited Content: Content that may not advertise on Adwords.
  • Prohibited practices.
  • Restricted Content: Content that you can advertise with limitations.
  • Editorial and technical requirements.

To find out where the problem is precisely to appear the AdWords ads rejected, you should go to the Status column of your ads. Clicking on the status of an ad will give you detailed information of which policy is being breached.

The most common reasons that Adwords rejects ads are:

  • The destination URL is not correct and does not work.
  • The display URL does not match the destination URL.
  • The text of your ad abuses capitalization, exclamation marks, symbols or numbers. For example, “FREE!!” or “free.”
  • The text is incomprehensible or too general.
  • Ads that include the phone number in the text.
  • Misuse of trademarks.

In addition, you should know that Google has specific policies for ads of alcohol products, bets, drugs, political content, financial services, and adult content.

In most cases rejected ads can be resolved and published within a few hours.