Tips for Social Networking

Importance of choosing the right images

Images are a visual element that in social networks is very important, these are talk about how we are, the values we want to convey. By applying a suitable way we can obtain advantages of its use.

Depending on how use social networks either as a professional or as a brand, through images we will be able to share moments of life, which is our passion or dedication. The purpose of sharing appropriate images is to have an active and attractive profile for your followers and for future followers. Here we will recommend how to choose the right images for social networks:

Be professional
One of the issues we must clarify is the type of images we should not share with our community, as this can impact our reputation, the first impression always counts for the public. It is important that the image should be visually appealing to our audience. We must ensure that the followers of the brand are concerned with what we are publishing.

right images for social networks

Consistent design
Design is one of the most important elements to convey a personal brand or a brand of a service or product. In these social networks we must keep in mind that we must use the same images with which the brand is represented.
Almost all social networks have a profile image and a cover image. Each one has a purpose, that is why the profile image is the image that identifies us who we are, and the cover image we must put an image that represents the brand. One point to keep in mind that every social network has its sizes in the images this must be kept in mind when designing the images.

Create a calendar
We must create a style that we differentiate with the competition, so that the audience that we want to address identifies us, that we meet their expectation about the brand. That is why the images are going to take a fundamental role; we have to edit the images in a correct way so that the public is identified in the mark.

That is why we need to plan a calendar of the images that we go publishing, so that we can then make an analysis of how were the results of the images that were published.

Interact with followers
You are not alone, in the images is of great importance of what you think your followers of your images. The comments are a very good way to know how it has impacted on your audience. We must respond to comments made by our followers to make them feel that they are part of the brand.

Create and Share Your Own Images
When we are about to choose images for social networking one of the places that we use are the image banks, we usually find images that is appropriate to what we are looking for the brand. One of the problems that we may have is the audience we are targeting; it requires personalized images according to each social network. It is for this essential reason that we create our own images.

There are several applications that we can use with a mobile device; we can create creative images for the brand.