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Benefits of a landing page

For a couple of years ago you have surely heard of the use of landing pages within what is an online marketing strategy. And is that today the landing pages are another tool to be successful in our marketing campaigns since the use of landing pages have a purpose always very specific and are designed with a very clear objective.

Now, if you do not know what a landing page is, I’ll summarize it in a very easy way to understand. A landing page is a web page that does not have conventional navigation and showing a quick glance and summarized the benefits of a particular product or a service.

This type of page, as we have said in the upper paragraph, has a very clear objective and can be very diverse. Since getting someone to subscribe or register to sell a product or hire a particular service.
This type of web pages consist of a series of elements among which we always highlight a contact form, a list of benefits that are obtained by contacting the service or purchase the product in question and of course the calls to action to motivate the user to subscribe, purchase or call by phone.

Now, a landing page is often the last step of a marketing strategy designed to achieve a series of goals. This landing page is usually arrive after do promotions in social networks, through e-mail marketing campaigns, through videos, blogs or other pages. But what are the benefits of a landing page?

use of landing pages

Benefits of a Landing Page
Now that it has become clear to us that the landing page is the fundamental tool to attract customers with our marketing campaigns and that its use increases the success rate of the companies when it comes to achieving their objectives, we are going to discuss the benefits of a landing page and we will highlight what are its advantages:

High return on investment
By not having to design a complete web page and only limit ourselves to the design of the landing page, we considerably lower the costs and we also gain enough in achieving our objectives. Therefore the ROI will always be quite high. But you have to know how to design a good landing page.

Great user experience
As it is usually a web where all the information and all the contents are very well detached and explained in a single section the user experience is quite high, especially if we also access it from mobile devices where we always seek to communicate in a much more direct way.

More reliable statistics
One of the most remarkable benefits of a landing page is that it allows for much more reliable analysis of our marketing campaigns. Having multiple landing pages can also have a greater advantage when it comes to better segment our campaigns and get more real results.

Highlights the benefits of the service or product
The use of landing pages also makes it easier to highlight the advantages of a product or service, so that the user who accesses it can see at a glance the detailed advantages and thus increase the chances of become a customer.

The design of a landing page can be applied for several marketing campaigns. That is, we can reuse the page to display several different services or products simply by changing the information and maintaining the same structure.

SEO Tool
And this could be considered the last of the benefits of a landing page. And it is that to create a landing page we often use a key word in a way that affects satisfactorily in the SEO of this page, so in the end we can also get a good web position.