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Tips for optimizing a web site for mobile

At present it is vital that a brand has optimized its website for mobile devices for the reason that today almost everyone owns a mobile and makes different search for any need that arises at any given time. Optimizing websites for mobile means that users navigating our website with these devices have the best possible experience. In this article we will explain how to optimize a website for mobile.

In recent years such is the boom of mobile devices, which has exceeded in number of users browsing websites through a computer. That is why it is necessary to adapt the website of the brand to mobile phones if we do not want to lose potential customers.

How to optimize a website for mobile?
We must take into account to optimize a website for different mobile factors such as loading speed, different types of screens, structure and many other things we will try to leave all this clear in the following points so that you can create the best possible experience on your website and win potential customers and avoid getting away.

optimize website for mobile

From computer to mobile
It is not less detail that’s why we must adapt the web site for a smaller screen, and should be able to view all relevant information effortlessly. If the web page is not available for mobile browsing this will cause frustration on the part of the users and create a negative image due to its non-adaptability to the mobile.

Loading Speed
The loading speed is one of the most important aspects for mobile users and is much more important for these than for those who use a desktop computer. Beyond image optimization you have to work with the code, the browser and the redirections. There are many aspects but important as a slow loading speed will cause the mobile user decide to leave your website.

Custom Templates
Not all templates fit all devices equally. Before starting to work with a website we recommend that you do a study of which templates have the best results. Once you decide which one of them can work best on all the devices you apply, choosing this is one of the fundamental factors to be able to optimize a website for mobile.

Font Size
We must take into account, apart from the fact that the typography is legible and friendly to the user, we must be careful with the size that we are going to use. Because it can be annoying to visitors that having to zoom every moment to see the website well, we must get into the minds of users.

Optimize images
At the time of adapting the website, we have to look at the images, for this should be put in focus in analyzing to reduce the size of the images, this will benefit the load of the website of the brand. There are many useful tools for compressing images that may be useful.

Call button
This phone call button is essential so that from any mobile device, just by clicking on it, visitor will be communicating with the brand through their mobile phone.

Size of buttons and called to action
Design buttons of considerable size. Small buttons and links are difficult to click. When you consider your design this point is important because if users have problems to be able to click, they will probably leave your website. This is essential for optimizing a website for mobile.

Works on Titles and Meta descriptions
The space for mobile devices is reduced by what you are trying to that all the titles and meta descriptions are optimized, be short, don’t exaggerate of characters that will occupy a lot of space and will cause a not satisfactory browsing experience.

Do not block CSS, JavaScript or Images
Years ago mobile devices were not working well with CSS, JavaScript and images. Nowadays this is no longer the case and does not affect navigation. Google prefers to see all these files with their categories and therefore can be beneficial.

Do not use Flash
This adds weight to your website, makes it slower and does not work well on mobile sites therefore it will do that the experience is slow and nothing rewarding for users.

Do not go with Pop Ups
It can be very frustrating to try to close pop ups when you are using a mobile device when you are trying to navigate a website, especially those of external ads that are not relevant. If you are going to use them do it when they have already spent some time on the website, when it is relevant to your site and easy to close.

In short it should be avoided that users have a bad experience of a web page when browsing from their mobile. In addition to the quality of the website, the factor that cannot be overlooked is the content, an issue that the user is looking for at that moment. In this way we will be able to give the user a good image of the brand and it is possible that the purchase process that leads the user to acquire the products or services of the brand will be generated.

We hope you consider all these points in order to optimize website for mobile. We are sure that you are already using some of these tips and if you are not doing it we still recommend that you put them into practice. This will help not only navigation but also web positioning.