Best tips for increasing likes on your Facebook page

Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social network in the world with one billion users. It is therefore an excellent platform to attract customers. If you are a blogger or marketing manager, you often have a Facebook page for your blog, products or services. On this page, you try to have the largest possible community to increase your circulation…

Why try to have more likes?

The first reason to try to get the most likes on your Facebook page is to increase the distribution of your content in order to bring significant traffic to your website. You can also promote other people’s products or services to increase your income. Also, people are giving more trust to brands with tens of thousands of likes on Facebook, which will help you in the long run.

Basic techniques and launching

The first thing to do when you have created your Facebook page is to choose a good profile and cover images for your page. Then complete the details in the About section to help people find you easily.

Invite your friends

This is the first thing to do to earn likes. You must invite your friends to like your page by sending invitations. You can do it automatically via your Facebook page.

Ask your friends to invite their friends

Ask your friends to go to your page and use the “invite your friends” feature in turn. Ask only those who will actually do it and avoid always asking the same people if you have multiple pages.

Add a Facebook like button on your website

You can add a Facebook Like button on your website to turn your new readers into regular readers. You can also add a pop-up or widget in the sidebar.

Write a content calendar and stick to your plan

The idea is not to do 20 publications per day, but rather to make 1-2 maximum and they are of quality. Quality is better than quantity and by many.

increasing like on facebook page

Advanced techniques and growth

Now that you’ve done the basics, you need to greatly increase the number of Facebook likes your page has.

Make your publications at the right time

There are two theories on this subject. Either you publish your content in the moments when there is a maximum audience available, or you do it when there is the least. The idea of ​​doing the opposite of common sense is that you will not be competing with a plethora of content that is struggling to get the attention of users at the same time. To do this, perform tests and see what works for you.

Make contests!

Ok, this is not the most original method, but we must admit that the results are there. Organize a contest that asks participants to like your page and share it and you will get good visibility at a low price. Of course, the higher the price, the more likely the contest is to be popular. Remember to use your email list to promote your contest.

Advertise with Facebook ads

If you have a budget, this is one of the best ways to reach thousands of people easily. Be certain to target good audiences in combination with good images to maximize CTR. Describing all the best techniques for using Facebook Ads would require an article as such, but make sure you get the most out of your budget. You can also try to buy likes on facebook which also increase your page users.

Publish useful content

Admittedly, many pages publish mediocre content. This is the main reason why people unsubscribe from a Facebook page. You should not put poor content on your page just because you have not published for several days. If you do not have publishing ideas, take the time to search for quality content instead of publishing the first link you find.

Use images and memes

If you want to increase your number of likes while increasing the engagement of your users, the use of images and memes is a good solution.

Use share exchange

This method is very effective once you have a large number of fans. The idea is to find Facebook pages that present the same kind of content as your or additional pages to your content. Write to them to find out if they would be interested in sharing the link on your page in exchange for what you will do with theirs. Unlike Google, Facebook does not seem to have a problem with reciprocal exchanges. So, hurry up and enjoy!