Get the new design of the Facebook pages

Some Facebook users have found since the company pages have changed its appearance. The new design of facebook pages is coming slowly: some people may see it while others still sail with the old version.

So if you enjoy the new design of the fanpage already as if you are still waiting for, it is important to know its features to implement them on your page.

Larger cover photo
The cover photo of the new pages of Facebook has grown considerably. Now measures 1012 x 385 pixels and no area hidden as it was happened before.

The profile picture has been shifted to the left column, along with the name of the page. The profile picture is smaller and measures only 70 x 70 pixels, and the name of the page stays below.

Call button to the action prominent
Call button to action gains prominence. Now it is placed under the cover photo, it is larger and has a deep blue color that makes it more visible. It will have to check if that translates into an increase in the number of clicks.

facebook new pages

Access to sections more practical
In the previous version users who want to browse the sections of a page should use tabs, but some were hidden. Now all these are shown on the left side column, with the possibility of more.

The administrators of the page can decide the order they are displayed with one click and drag from the button “Manage tabs” that appears below.

Disappear side ads
This novelty will be very happy to companies because they will not see ads from other brands on their Facebook pages. Therefore improves the experience of browsing the page and the user will be not distracted by side ads of other brands.

More information in the right column
In the new design, there are three columns instead of two. In the right column to see all the information appearing on the left side so far: the description of the page, photos, comments from the users and also the apps.