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Meta description: What it is and enhancing SEO

Work the Meta description is one of the first things you can do to improve the organic positioning (SEO) of your web site. The funny thing is that the major search engines no longer give great value this factor in their algorithms, and even so still being important in a strategy of positioning.

If you do not know what are Meta descriptions should know and optimize them as soon as possible.

What is the meta description
A Meta description is an HTML tag whose function is to describe the content of a page.

We see Meta descriptions see dozens of times a day, for example when we do a search on Google or another search engine. The function of this text is to inform the user of the content that you will find in one place and persuade him to visit it.

Meta descriptions appear not only on search engines. When you share a link on social networks like Facebook or Google+ also appear in the publication.

what is meta description

What happens if you do not write meta descriptions on your website?
If a search engine cannot find the text of the Meta description goes to show the first words of the web page in its place.

The problem is that these first words may not be significant for the user, and that form is losing a golden opportunity to get visitors. In addition your CTR may increase if you use good descriptions, and that if is a factor that the search engines take into account when determining the positioning.

How to start writing meta description for your website
If you use WordPress, the easiest way to include Meta descriptions on your pages is through SEO plugins like Yoast. If you do not use WordPress or do not know how it works, you better get in touch with the site designer.

Technical details aside, there are some basic guidelines that you should follow when writing the Meta description:

  • Do not exceed 160 characters, most search engines do not show more in the results.
  • Each meta description is unique. That is, each page should have its own different text than others.
  • Include keywords in the meta description. If those words match the search that has made the user will appear highlighted.
  • Think of the meta description as if it were an advertisement. The more attractive it is, the more likely that users will click.

If you’ve never used Meta descriptions on your site and now you must do all the work at once begins with the pages that are most important to you or receive more visits from search engines.