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How does Hubspot CRM work?

Every day more companies in the world choose to put aside Excel as a data management system. And in its replacement, migrate to CRM software also called Customer Relationship Management.

There are various customer relationship management systems on the market, each with different features and services. However, one of those that has stood out and been well received is the one developed by Hubspot. Learn in this article everything you need to know about this Hubspot CRM.

What is CRM?

Basically a CRM is a software or automated system used to record data and information about your customers, potential customers and your company. It is characterized by its large storage capacity and because it allows continuous monitoring of both customers and the sales process.

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This operation is achieved thanks to the fact that all the information is available in real time and in one place. This means, as we mentioned at the beginning, many companies leave Excel behind and migrate to CRM. It makes your processes effective and efficient. This is a first step toward improving its performance.

What should be taken into account before purchasing a CRM system?

As useful as it may be before implementing this tool, any company must follow a series of steps. The first is to consider and study the various alternatives of these systems that are on the market. This way you will choose one that suits your needs.

Also, a secure contract must be established with the seller, which includes a commitment on his part. Likewise, it is necessary to train employees on the use of CRM and customize this tool so that it integrates with other company software, with this you will be able to see immediate and positive results.

Finally, constant monitoring of the return on investment (ROI) must be established. This is the only way to determine if this tool is failing or succeeding. These actions allow you to protect your investment and avoid instability that can occur with CRM initiatives.

Hubspot CRM

Being such an effective system, it is not surprising that the market for customer relationship management systems is very competitive. It means that there are multiple versions with varied and different functions. One of the most successful is the one offered by Hubspot. Let’s see what it is and what it is for.

Hubspot CRM is a free system, although it should be noted that some of its advanced features require payment. This software is used to record and manage customer and sales data. As well as managing inbound marketing. Through it you can:

  • Register customers, from the moment they show some interest in the company until they become buyers
  • Add different tasks for one or more sellers to perform
  • Send and receive emails
  • Make calls
  • Track emails, which is useful to know if they were opened without consent.

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How are Hubspot CRM functions executed?

If you will, Hubspot’s CRM is an easy-to-use tool. To put each of its functions into practice, you only have to execute a few simple steps, once you enter the system. Here is how to perform the most elementary functions, divided into three aspects.

1. Register or add a contact and manage tasks

These are the most basic functions of this system. You start in the CRM home window and click on the option to add contact, add company or add business. Once there, the information is entered as the case may be.

In the case of companies, they are registered in two ways: automatically, which is when their data is added to a contact, or manually, when only the company is registered. As soon as the businesses are registered add the type of transactions that are made with a contact or company.

At this point you can add additional data such as email and phone number. That is, everything that facilitates the location and identification to contact your customers.

Then you can proceed to add additional information and the tasks that you want to perform with the contact, company or business. To do so, click on the corresponding option. This will open a panel on the left side of the screen where the steps you can take are located.

These procedures include sending you an email, creating a task or assigning you a salesperson. This task management can also be executed from the Task option that appears on the screen. There you can choose to access an already managed task or create a new one.

In this line we can mention the configuration that can be done to this application, as well as adding new field. This is done through the Setting option that appears on the screen.

Once there, on the left side of the screen there are some boxes where you can add information about the contact. Also, if some options do not appear, such as social networks, they allow you to configure it so that you can empty that contact information.

2. Sales tools

We have already mentioned that CRMs have been consolidated as an essential system to optimize the sales of a company. That’s why Hubspot’s customer relationship management system provides various tools to achieve this goal. Here we present each one of them and how they are reflected on the screen.

  • Notifications: It is the one that allows you to receive notifications every time a person opens an email or clicks on a file. This is thanks to the fact that this tool has a connection with a Google Chrome extension installed on the computer.
  • Templates: In this option you can have access to various email templates, which correspond to previously created emails. This helps save time and the best thing is that these can be used indefinitely.
  • Sequences: Thanks to this option, emails can be sent automatically. That is, it can be programmed so that when a contact performs one or another action, a previously created email is sent. Sending can be automated so that it is carried out every certain period of time.
  • Documents: You can add files to share through emails, for example: proposals and quotes. It is best that reports are received if such documents were opened.
  • Prospects: Through it you can obtain information regarding those who have visited the company’s website. As well as from which direction and how many times. And if you want to get more information about the visitor, you just have to click on the actions option.
  • Meetings: This is a very useful sales option, as it allows the client to schedule a meeting with our company and includes an alternative to adjust the calendar for the time when there is time for that meeting.
  • Messages: With this option you can integrate a chat so that it is possible to interact with customers from the website. In this way you get more information about it, which will be saved in this tool.

3. Hubspot Reports

It is the option that allows you to add reports in unlimited quantities in order to be aware of everything that happens with customers and prospects. This tool is accessed from the panel option.

Once you enter it, you have the option “Add report” and by clicking there you can empty it. It is important to note that the Export and Share options are also given on the screen. Actions through which reports can be accessed.

Hubspot’s CRM can be the alternative solution for your company!