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How to attract organic traffic to your blog

If you finally decided to create a blog, today you’re in luck because you’re going to discover how to get visitors without paying a penny. In this article will give you the necessary keys to appear in the first results of Google applying these valuable SEO techniques.

The organic traffic is an increasingly important element for entrepreneurs. It is enough to have a well-developed traffic strategy to transform the reality of any business and all that only through a website or blog.

The best part is that it is possible to achieve extraordinary results with little, or simply nothing of investment, a very attractive factor for any enterprise, right?

If you get to achieve a relevant organic traffic, it means that you have not only done a good job of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you have also contributed value to your audience with truly interesting content.

Do you want to know how to transform organic traffic into your main source of acquisition? So, this article is for you. Keep reading!

attract organic traffic

What is organic traffic?

If you are a regular Internet user or you are an entrepreneur, surely you have already done the same as hundreds of people – Google searches to heal your doubts, find solutions or just out of curiosity, you have inserted a term in the search box.

We are also sure that the following situation has already happened to you: you have made a search, the first two or three results were paid advertisements and they helped you, they helped you very little or not at all.

That happens all the time and with a lot of people who use search engines. It is here that we find the concept of organic traffic.

Organic traffic represents the number of people who, in the same way as you, use search engines to find information, acquire knowledge, make purchases, among other things. They are accesses that happen naturally and by the users’ own will.

That being the case, the sites or blogs that achieve these accesses do not need to invest money to conquer them.

Another important point is that it is much easier to get organic traffic if you are among the first results of Google, thanks to the fact that users do not have the habit of going too far to find what they are looking for.

But how can you achieve the first results of Google?

A place so competitive requires some efforts. The most known and important technique is the use of keywords.

Any business that aims to reach the top position in the search engines must conduct a keyword research. Without it, it is practically impossible to do a good SEO job.

What are keywords?

The keywords are the main instrument of an online search. These are the terms composed of one or more words that are used by users when writing their doubts in the search engines.

The right choice of them is very important, since they are responsible for dictating the optimization of your site or blog and making you reach the top of Google.

Today, there are many tools that can help you find the ideal keywords. Here are some of them: Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, KWFinder.

Where should you use the keywords?

Keywords can be used in various ways, from the source code of your site to composing the content you produce, which may involve the publication of articles, service descriptions and even the subtitles of the images you use.

In all these fields, it is important to follow some principles. Look at the examples where you can include the keywords:

  • In the URL.
  • In the main title of your publication.
  • In some of the inner-titles.
  • In the content, but not abused so it does not seem artificial.
  • In the meta description.

The return that you will have when making a good keyword planning is a greater number of visits, but not any kind of visits: qualified visits, that is, organic visits.

That is very important, since everything starts with the visits on the site. From them you can get new leads and new customers.

What other SEO techniques should you use?

SEO is summarized in increasing access to your site through a set of techniques and strategies that allow your website to improve its positioning in the organic results of search engines.

The keyword is part of one of those techniques, but here we mention others that you can consider:

1. Scannability

Apart from the keyword, your text should be easy to read, in other words: be scannable.

Your content can be very complete, however, some visitors will come to it to solve their doubts simply and quickly. Therefore, write main fragments in bold, italic terms, underlining and bullet point lists to facilitate reading and improve the reader’s experience.

In addition, it seeks to develop your ideas in small paragraphs and insert images, videos, audios, etc.

2. Internal and external links

The internal and external links are fundamental for your good positioning in the search engines.

Add links from other websites that have authority on the web. It is also important to note that if other sites link to your page, it will be very helpful. One way to achieve this is by making guest posts.

3. Call-to-action

These are functions of a page that encourage users to perform actions. The types of CTA vary, can be navigation links, links for purchases, registration forms, materials for download, etc.

The CTAs are used at the end of your text with the objective of inducing the reader to do something that is beneficial both for you and for him.

Try to develop CTA’s imperative, with few words and very objective.

4. Text size

Although there is no real proof, it is easy to imagine that the larger the text, the better. In the end, an article with many words tends to address the topic completely and makes it possible to use the keyword more frequently.

In addition, an interesting pattern has also been identified in the first results of Google: the average of words of the pages that are in the first place are 1890 words.

But it is worth nothing to write a lot if your content will be superficial. Make a big text if you have something of value to say, otherwise, just write what is necessary.

5. Customizable web design

Search engine algorithms give priority to sites that provide a good mobile experience for their users, mainly those that have a responsive structure. So adopting a Mobile Friendly practice is no longer an option if you want to appear in the first results: it is an obligation.

How to generate organic traffic?

Not only SEO builds a site – let alone an engagement with the audience. To improve your position in search engines, you must invest in Content Marketing strategies.

With it, it is possible to produce optimized content (beyond the use of SEO) that will help people find your business more easily through the search engines.

We’ll talk more about search optimization, but now let’s focus on your audience and your content.

1. Know your audience

Any business has a target audience, they are both the consumers who accompany the innovations of your segment, as well as those who acquire your product or service.

It is essential that you know in detail who these people are, through research, observation and analysis, including factors such as gender, age and other demographic issues, but mainly their preferences and personal tastes.

The information collected can be used by your company in a series of marketing strategies, including the production of content.

For example, if you have a photography school, your target audience is automatically amateur photographers; with this in mind, you can publish an article on photography for beginners and attract the most convenient attention for you.

2. Deliver quality content

The modern marketing is based on free delivery of information and solution exchange for customer confidence, so do not forget that you are not dealing only with numbers, but real people with interests and needs.

The content of your blog must attend to what the reader is looking for. Think of relevant posts, that really add value to your client and make them want to spend more time on your blog. If the public recognizes that your content has value for them, they will return more and more to your site.

3. Devote time to social networks

Social networks also build the results of organic traffic on your website. In addition to search engines, networks also represent a significant number of clicks.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are the places in which users spend most of their time, and also where they discover an infinity of new content. If you invest in them and produce posts that can be easily shared, the reach of your blog can triple.

4. Create different types of content

Organic traffic is the union of clicks from as many places as possible. Be in other media, other formats or search engines, it does not matter, the more, the better. However, there is no reason to focus all efforts on a single article, or a single type of content.

Your target audience can be well defined, but still has different interests. Following the example of the school of photography, you should not leave your main topic, but why not talk about curiosities of the photographic world, as well as techniques for beginners? Increase the chances of clicks and, consequently, of customers.

What is payment traffic?

Sooner or later, your company will encounter some cost-benefit issues in its processes, including digital marketing. In the case of traffic, the doubt between the organic and the paid is common.

As the name implies, in paid traffic you need to pay for visitors to reach your site or blog. This is done through ads made with the keywords chosen by you and, only when users click on it, is that you have to pay.

Because it has a temporary nature, paid traffic requires that you keep your active ads running and generate constant visits.

Investing in paid traffic can help you boost the content produced by you, spread your website, offer promotions, among other things.

Organic traffic vs payment traffic: Which is better?

Although both types of traffic usually bring good results, organic is the most favorable type of traffic.

Of course, both types of traffic can work together, both traffics complement each other, so if you can invest in both, the better. But if that is not the case, then focus on the organic.

It is through that you can get the most out of content marketing. With a good SEO strategy allied to memorable content, your blog or site can establish a constant flow of visitors that can become leads and then customers.

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All this at a very low cost – almost zero, since organic traffic does not require any expense to attract visitors. The only investment is time and energy for the creation of good content.

Developing an organic strategy for your company can be a simple task. In short, investigate who your target audience is, apply SEO strategies and create quality content. In that way, it will be very easy to generate organic traffic and in a short time to reap the benefits.