Tips for Social Networking

How to do a good graphic design in social networks

It is well known that currently the visual element is gaining more prominence in social networks. That is why they have grown in the last few years are precisely those social networks where images are the center of attention, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

graphic design in social networks

The work of the Community Manager and those responsible for photography and graphic design must go hand in hand. Although if you’re Social media or Community Manager and you do not have expertise in design you can also choose to expand your education in graphic design for your content to be even more attractive. Note that within a good social media strategy must be to generate and share visual content that attracts attention and especially that excites users to be able to highlight the competition.

How to create designs that draw attention on social networks?
It is important that all design conveys a clear and visual message; as if our design says nothing we are not going to capture the attention of users on the different social networks. Take note of everything you need for a design to communicate!

  • Harmony of images with text: To communicate a clear and visual message it is essential that there is a strategic composition between images, text, figures and typography. So it is a perfect harmony in all social networks brand and generate participation on the part of the users.
  • Combines colors well: Before choosing different colors for your design on social networks, you have to consider the meaning of the colors, which you transmit with them, adapt the chromatic scale to what you want to communicate and select up to 3 colors so that your design does not look like a carnival. If you do not want to complicate life much in the choice of colors, you can opt to choose the corporate colors of the company or brand.
  • What fonts will use?: Here you also have to choose a maximum of 2 fonts or font for your design and combine well. A tip to make a good combination is based the contrast, such as: sans serif with italic or serif with sans serif.

Tips to keep in mind when designing
Finally, here are some basic tips that every designer has in mind before start developing their design.

Simplify: In the simple design makes it easier to understand the message, so it is important that your design has the fonts, images and more necessary and fair colors. You should also use short texts and simple backgrounds.

Highlight the most important thing: This will guide our followers to our interest. It is as simple as highlighting text with a powerful source or a contrasting color from the rest, as long as we keep in mind the chromatic range of color.

Be inspired by others: There’s nothing wrong with you to take note of what the big brands do, whether they are in your sector as if not, this will help you to create your own images.

Ask opinions of third parties: This will help you both to know if your message is well transmitted to improve it and make your next creations are even better.

Since practice makes perfect, do not panic if your first designs are not quite good, since in a few months you get to improve your technique.