How to do crowdsourcing in a post using Google Docs

When I walk around the city and I have to cross a street, I start looking both ways before reaching the road. If there are no cars at that time, I like to cross immediately before reaching the step of zebras. Because if not, there will surely be a lot of cars when I reach there. There are people who say that’s irresponsible, even illegal. I say that it is efficient.

crowdsourcing in a post

This can also be taken to the world of blogging: doing crowdsourcing in a post using Google Docs. It is an efficient way to cure the contents of a list, using the knowledge of all to fill many holes.

The way it works is very simple. You take a significant part of time that you dedicate to research and become the time to cure. That makes the process of creating lists for your blog much more efficient.

How to do crowdsourcing in a post using Google Docs

Step 1: Find out what to write
First, think about what you want to write – something that is conducive to the contribution of ideas in a group. These are usually targeted lists from a point where anyone can contribute their own experience.

Step 2: Create a Google Doc
Now you have to create a Google Doc so that people can contribute ideas and write. Keep it simple – with only a couple of informal columns to fill that will give more results than columns with very specific results.

Step 3: Invite a group of people to your document
Once you have the document list, send invitations. The more people you invite, the better. You just need to give the blue button to share in the upper right corner of your Google Doc, and write the emails of people you want to include in your project. It is also a good idea to include some text in the message section to let people know why they are receiving the invitation and what they have to do.

Step 4: Start with action
It’s time to start. There are people who provide ideas immediately, while others will think before. Sometimes it makes things easier if you start contributing ideas – the more things you add to your document, the more ideas will begin to emerge in others.

Step 5: Cure the best ideas from Google Doc
Once you have exhausted all ideas and people start to leave the document, you’ll stay with a large collection of ideas. It is time to edit your list. Deletes duplicate ideas, ideas that seem like combines, and creates a list of the best things for your blog.

When you get that list, simply add the list items to your post, usually are the headers of your post – and fill the rest with your words.