How to launch a new blog and receive visitor from day one

The launch of a new blog is a very important moment. Would you like to write your first posts and nobody read them? Surely not! Today we’ll explain how to launch a new blog in style.

There are some techniques that you can use to create expectations around your blog and receive readers from the first day. Put them into practice while latest details of your blog and prepare the first posts for best results.

launch a new blog

Here are some tips to launch a new blog

Create a welcome page for your future readers subscribe to your blog
Even if your blog is not finished, you can start to show some of it with a simple welcome page. Explains in it what contents your visitors are going to find and encourage them to register on your mailing list. When your blog is finished writing a mail to all interested and you’ve already won a few readers.

Give a gift to all people who subscribe to your blog
For the first more effective technique offers a small detail to all of the people that are pointing to your mailing list: an ebook, a short course … Your future readers will have an incentive to join your email and will know why they must read to you in a future.

Create your social profiles and start sharing content on them
Do not let social activity for the last minute. Create all your social profiles once you have decided on the name of your blog and disseminates content carried on the line of your blog. It is also useful to create expectation by giving hints about the content that visitors will find when the web is ready.

Post guest posts on other blogs
For bloggers it is very important to maintain good relations within the blogosphere because it is an easy way to get promotion and opportunities for collaboration. Start commenting on other people’s blogs providing interesting views and asking relevant questions. Interacts with other bloggers on social networks, and if you have chance go to events where you can talk face to face with them.

If you cultivate relationships with other bloggers, it is possible that some of them accept you post a guest post on their site, even without that your blog is still ready. Use these guest posts on your behalf including a link to your page, where you will have ready the subscription form for your mailing list.

When your blog see the light do not forget to send an email to all your subscribers. Also wrote to all bloggers with which you have worked or with which you have a good relationship and invite them to visit your site. And, of course, share your first post on all your social networks to reach the maximum possible audience.