9 tips for job search on Twitter

LinkedIn is not the only social network that can be used to look for work. Twitter is also a great place to find new job opportunities and increase your chances of being hired. Let’s look for a job on Twitter.

If you are looking for a job or want to improve, pay attention to these tips that you can improve your image and find jobs.

job search on Twitter

Find Jobs on Twitter with these 9 tips

Take care of your Twitter user name

Use your real name or a name that defines you as a professional.

Use a photo that shows the best of you

Can you introduce yourself to a job interview in tracksuit? If you are not going to work of fitness monitor, no. The same applies to social networks. Your photo on Twitter may be the first thing to see companies, it is better to create a good impression.

Enter key words related to your profession in your bio

In this way, it will be easier to get followers related to your sector.

Include a link to your online CV or your LinkedIn profile

Do not miss the opportunity to get other people to see your CV. Share your bio from Twitter a link to your online CV or your LinkedIn profile.

Follow companies with which you want to work and group them in a list

Include these companies in a list will help you keep up with your updates.

Follow and interact with professionals in your sector

Twitter is a great network to grow your network. Begins to follow people who work in your dreamed position or at companies that interest you, and try to establish conversations with them.

Share news that position you as a knowledgeable professional

Surely you are an expert in your field, why not show it? If you share news of your industry with own opinions you will become a leader in your sector.

Monitor the #job and #work tags

These are the hashtags under which they often share jobs. Some companies use own hashtags, in that case you will do some research to discover what these are.

Contact with the companies that you want to work

Do not cut yourself! Sometimes the best way to get a contact is ask directly. Try to establish a dialogue with target companies and request mail or contact of a HR person. To achieve this it is advisable to follow them before and you’ve shown active.