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Is it profitable to buy followers? Strategies that companies follow

Buying “likes” on Facebook, with the naked eye, may seem like a pretty attractive action; in this article we value whether it is worth it or not.

Do you have few followers and do not know what to do to increase them? What you have to do? Buy followers or like or plan a good strategy, or other social networks for your brand? This is one of the questions that many companies ask today. And it is that to buy “likes” in Facebook or followers in other social networks, to the naked eye, can seem a pretty attractive action. But is it worth opting for this type of strategy?

Although everything points to this practice make your community go a long way, the real reality is that paying for fans can ruin your brand image. Here we tell you why this happens and so you will be out of doubt.

buying followers

Where do those likes or followers come from?
Have you come to ask where can come those followers that you buy so easily? With what it takes to get a follower or a simple miserable likeā€¦ do not you think something too good to be true?

The strangest thing of all is that some sellers of followers arrive to offer packages with more than 5,000 fans. Followers that once the purchases appear on your page as by “magic” in a very short time. But are they real followers? Who are these people who suddenly appear as followers of your account?

That’s right, they are real people. But what do not provide you these companies, buying followers, is the information about these people, something essential to carry out your social networking strategy.

Disadvantages of buying followers
If it’s real people, what’s the problem if you choose to buy followers? Do not lose detail to all the disadvantages that can bring you this practice:

  • Harm the participation in your page: You will increase the number of followers of your social network, but the participation with your account will be low or rather null. Why? Because if you buy packages of followers or likes, which are mostly men and your target audience is female, then those likes will not serve you at all.
  • Sales will not increase: To achieve sales through social networks it is very important to empathize with your target audience. How do you do this? Publishing content that thrill your target and connect with it. If you buy followers you will not be able to achieve that relationship.
  • Under scope in your post: This means that despite the number of likes or followers you have on your social networks, your posts will reach very few users.
  • Generate mistrust: As if everything other than what was said above, it also generates mistrust in your target audience, since the fact of having many followers and little interaction does not give very good image to your brand.

What you have to do to increase your followers without resorting to this little recommended practice? Choose to increase your fans with social networking strategies that work, such as:

  • Invest in advertising.
  • Publish content that connects with your audience.
  • Generate viral campaigns.
  • Create your own hashtags.
  • Use the most used or trend-set hashtags.

Our recommendation is that if you want your brand to have quality followers that interact with your publications, do not go with the easy way! Build that community step by step.