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Social media listening: The great potential of social media

Do you still not know what the true potential is in a social media strategy in recent times? Social media listening.

In addition to the opportunity to publish relevant content, grow your community and generate engagement, certainly the ability to identify the comments, opinions and conversations of your followers or potential customers, as well as your competition, in order to measure the performance of your brand.

This is achieved through direct participation in these channels. It sounds very common, but we have to say that few companies or businesses are carrying out. If you have not stopped to listen to your audience, through these 5 tips, you can do it:

social listening

Give priority to social listening

It seems weird, right? The communities we spend most of the time designing and creating cool content to generate the expected engagement. But what if the audience you reach is not yours or does not like what you convey? This happens because we do not spend enough time dwelling on how they are. Analyze their messages, how they write, if they are fans of networks, and their likes or opinions.

Besides looking at your followers, analyze their competition. Surely more than one is very clear what they like and how to lead the audience.

Nailed the key terms

Once you have looked at all these data, it is time to build your own strategy, which will start with the search for key terms and phrases or topics that your audience regularly discusses.

Use the right tools

Social listening becomes very complicated if you do not use a series of appropriate tools. There’s a lot. To name a few, HubSpot, Hootsuite or Social Mention.

Create a participation strategy

These tools do not do the job on their own. That is why part of your time should be devoted to answering those questions, queries of your followers in social networks, and know how and what to answer depending on each platform. The tone is not the same on Linkedin as in Twitter.

Evaluate and adjust

Build your social listening strategy so that you can adapt to each context. The experience tells us that the same way to respond, depending on the cases, makes us the wave and we give thanks, or on the contrary, although exceptionally, serves to attack the brand and focus of the discussion of enemies.

A middle ground will help you to get very good results.