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Social Selling comes to stay: Are you ready?

No one has doubts about the power of networks to generate brand, increase communication with customers and improve the image of the company. But: what happens with the sales? Do you serve real social networks to sell? How can help the Social Selling to sell?

social selling

In recent months, social networks are adding more features that improve the purchasing process initiated in this area. Although still in development, in the United States initiate a purchase after having seen a product on Twitter or Pinterest is already a reality.

Are you ready for social selling?

Social selling, what it is?
The social selling is their use of social networks sales teams, with the aim of finding potential customers, build relationships with them and ultimately generate sales.

Since it cultivates the confidence relations between the users and the brands, the social selling ends with the traditional concept of door to door selling.

Getting Started with Social Selling
Social selling is an unstoppable trend. On the one hand the interest of companies is growing, on the other hand are the social networks that each time put even more tools at our disposal. And logically there are the consumers, who spend much of their leisure time to networks.

These are the steps to get started in social selling.

Focus on the social networks where your customers have more presence
Do not insist on working Facebook because you have thousands of fans, if in fact the majority of buyers come from Twitter. If you are a B2B company, then it is possible that your network is LinkedIn. Take a look at Google Analytics data, in the data from social networks (which publications are more successful) and on your competition.

Develops relationships at the beginning
If you do not take a lot of time on social networks, do not try to force sales because it is likely that your audience is not at that stage yet. Focus your efforts on growing the community and achieve engagement. Take your time to get to know your followers.

Use the right tools
Each social network has its own resources to promote sales: twitter cards on Twitter or rich pins on Pinterest are some examples. But there are other tools you can also use as hashtags or graphics to advertise your promotions, new products, offers…

It offers advantages to your followers
Follow you on social networks worthwhile and attracts potential buyers with irresistible offers just for your fans.