Tips for Making a Presentation More Interactive

A one-way presentation is boring. No one would want to listen to you, even if you seem to be interesting. These days, interaction is more important. You want to capture people’s attention by allowing them to join the conversation. It also makes them feel good. It’s better than dominating the discussion, and they end up staring at you for hours. These tips might be useful.

If you want to gain attention, you should ask questions. It’s also a way of gauging if everyone in the room is listening to you. It makes everyone stay alert, or they will feel humiliated due to the lack of a response. The questions can be about what you said or what you’re going to say next. Personal questions or survey polls are also great strategies. You make people listen without embarrassing them. They will answer based on personal experiences and opinions only.


Crack a joke

Showing your sense of humour is also an excellent way of gaining attention. You’re also expressing character in the process. The only downside is that your jokes might not be funny. Sure, you succeeded in captivating the audiences, but not in a good way. Run your jokes with someone else first to determine if they’re worth sharing. An off-putting joke is worse than a boring presentation.

You have to include this strategy if you’re naturally funny. If you’re serious and you don’t like making jokes, try to avoid doing it. No one will buy what you say. It also shows how uncomfortable you are. Change your strategy and find a way to show personality without saying something funny.

Use video clips

Visual aids can make the presentation interesting. It’s better than being the only one speaking all the time. The use of videos can also help break the ice. You want to give everyone a break from listening to you and focusing their attention on something else.

You can use a projector on the ceiling to make the videos clear when projected on the screen. Find related videos and connect them with what you will say next.

Play some games

Before you think about doing this, you have to understand your target audiences. If you’re talking to millennials or young professionals, this strategy might work. However, if you’re dealing with people in a senior role of potential business investors, games are unnecessary. You will make everyone will uncomfortable by forcing them to play games with you.

If you decide to play a game, keep it short and enticing. Ask a few questions or show some pictures. Stay away from games that will take several minutes to give the instructions.

Show your true character

The best way to make people feel engaged is by showing that you have a great character. If you give off a negative vibe from the start, you can’t expect them to cooperate. If you’re dealing with business partners, you have to make them feel good about working with you.

With an interactive presentation, everyone will feel good. You will also walk away from the room happy about what you did.