3 tips to write your Bio on Twitter

When you seriously consider your presence on Twitter, you find yourself with the great doubt of how to write a professional description for your profile in just 160 characters. Talking about yourself is already difficult but if you have to do it with a limited number of characters in mind, it becomes quite a challenge.

bio on twitter

According to a study, 70% of Twitter users do not have a specified Bio! The Bio is like your business card on Twitter. It can’t be blank or sloppy!

In this post I want to share with you what, in my opinion, is more convenient if you want to position yourself and take advantage of all the benefits of this network attending to the area that attracts the first glances of visitors: Bio.

What is the usefulness of bio on Twitter

Writing a professional Bio on Twitter is mainly used to:

  • Get new followers and strengthen your brand. By writing a professional Bio, you are inviting those interested in your sector to follow you because they will find information that interests them in your updates. These followers can act as ambassadors for your brand and even become customers.
  • Get new clients. If your potential clients use social networks, they will be aware of what happens in their sector. Entering into conversation with them is an indisputable source of job possibilities. We have to get their attention and the Bio is an essential weapon for this.

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3 Tips for drafting your professional bio for Twitter

professional bio for Twitter

Define your value proposition

It is about explaining how your service solves the client’s problems or you can make him improve his business, so we make it clear what the benefit he gets if he chooses you and not the competition. We are saying, “You are interested in following me because I can bring you something you need.”

Choose your keywords well

What are the keywords that identify you? Focus on what you do best: your specialty. It is advisable that you use hashtags related to the profession to appear in the searches in good positions but without abusing, of course. You can check tips for using Twitter’s keyword targeting in timeline.

Invites the user to take an action

This is the key. For example, contact you to request a quote leaving your phone or email, visit your website to find out more about you, read your blog to get to know you better or invite you to connect on LinkedIn.

What is your call to action? Keep in mind that on Twitter we have the option to include a main link outside the description so you can count on two calls to action in your Twitter Bio! I advise using the phone or email in the Bio and a link to your website/blog/LinkedIn in the external link.

Anything else to keep in mind? Sure!

Be careful with your profile picture

Using an appropriate profile photo increases the chances that users will click on your profile by 50%. First impressions are very important and even more so when we talk about social networks.

The ideal is that it is a real and recent photo, with good lighting, in which your face is well visible within a neutral environment. Of course, if you use the same photograph in all your social networks, your professional image will be much more consistent.

Add a touch of personality

Yes, we are professionals but we are also people. Try to have at least one or two words describe who you are as a person. For example, with your tastes: “Hiker and runner”.

Be consistent with your username

If you use several social networks it is important that your username is the same across all of platform so that your brand image is homogeneous and to facilitate the search of your profiles on other networks.

Change your bio frequently

You can change your timeline from time to time to promote your services or test which timeline attracts the most followers. You can run advertising campaigns by changing the description.

For example, imagine that you are a web developer specialized in PHP and there is a programming conference for a few days in a city with the hashtag #PHPdeveloperusa. Use that hashtag in your Bio and it is very possible that you will appear in the search results as a profile suggestion to follow because it is related to their hashtag.