7 practices that ruin your Twitter profile

Twitter is your favorite social networks? The network of Larry blue bird has become one of the most popular with Facebook. Its immediacy and simplicity are the foundation of its great success and it is considered the number one portal where to get information and news in real time.

mistake on twitter

If you want to work your personal profile on Twitter and become a relevant user for people related to your niche or the theme that you like and talking, you should avoid a number of common mistakes that are commonly seen by the social network.

Poor Biography: It is important to properly complete your Twitter profile. Choose a photo that represents you and show yourself, no drawings or other characters. Not just fill your biography and forward what is going to find someone who follows you, nothing of phrases that do not say anything or inappropriate. If you have a blog, put it as soon as possible as a link.

Self-promotion: If something does not work on social networks is to be talking all day himself. It provides valuable content and useful also for other people, that does not mean that occasionally can say something about you. The important thing is that your Twitter account is not only a channel of self-promotion.

Follow/Unfollow: Please shuns the practice to gain followers. There are tools that follow people with the aim that return you the follow. If not returned, no longer follow the person, sometimes even when you have followed. Worst of all is that often enters a loop of follow/unfollow the person who does not follow and the only thing you can get is end up being reported as spam or blocked.

Rude: Internet is very prone to this and Twitter is no exception. If you only want to be a “troll” will not be interested but if you really want to enjoy Twitter respectful to everyone. Also, remember that everything you put on this social network is recorded. Think about it a couple of times before missing.

Anti-social: By definition, Twitter is a social space and their relations with other people are the basis of everything. If you really want to take advantage of Twitter to maximum do not be afraid to engage in discussions and interact with other users. Meet other people with similar hobbies or of your sector is the best of the social networks.

Opportunist: Many people take advantage of the visibility or a #hashtag on Trending Topic on Twitter for self-promotion. There is not at all more vulgar that to send advertising messages by adding a popular hashtag that has nothing to do just to gain visibility. It is quite unfortunate.

Request for RT: Maybe you’ve seen some people ask RT, however, if you realize in most cases is for a good cause. Now, be constantly asking for dissemination to your post or want to let you know through this practice is quite counterproductive.