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How to detect and remove toxic links on your web

Within the SEO links play a key role in positioning your website in the top results of Google. In the same way that are important to appear early, it may also be the reason that Google decides to penalize us and take us to the bottom of search engine where we cannot find anyone. Why? This can cause to have a very artificial links profile or have a good number of acquaintances such as toxic links.

detect toxic backlinks

The toxic links are usually very common in the negative SEO and sometimes competition is dedicated to tease the positioning of our web pages. To do this they use disreputable links from pages as spam or sex pointing to their website.

If Google detects these links, you will end up penalizing so it’s important to keep your profile links controlled and in case of detecting this type of backlinks, kill them.

How to detect toxic backlinks?

For this task there is nothing like the link building tool Ahrefs , the problem is that payment, but we also have very interesting free options as is the case with Open Link Profiler.

Through any of these tools we have to do is analyze the amount of inbound links that are pointing to our site. A clear example of having received negative SEO is seen by the graphs in a short period of time, we have received a large number of links. This means that these have been generated artificially and therefore Google is going to distrust.

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Perhaps in your case you have not received a negative SEO attack and therefore do not have a high volume of links in a short period of time. However it can happen that with the passage of time, have been receiving some links that are not exactly quality and you would kill them because they can be a real problem in the future.

To do the best thing you can do is analyze your anchor text and make sure they do not appear words like viagra, sex or other spam-related terms may not appear or that have nothing to do with your sector.

All these links should be removed. Through the Removeem tool you can also analyze easily and visually the anchor text of your links.

Remove negative links

Once detected these toxic links, it remains to address your Webmaster Tools and through the disavow tool best known as Google disavow links, send a report to Google with all the URL’s that do not want to consider.

If you do this maintenance before the Penguin algorithm again go through your website, you will be saved. Even if you have not made an aggressive link building in your site you can see that it is important to always monitor links your profile as an attack of negative SEO is much more common than you think especially if your web acquires certain relevance.