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3 metrics that matter most in your Web

Are you investing money in online marketing but do not know if it really gives you results? If that’s the case, you need to start regularly measure the effectiveness of your actions.

measure web metrics

The measurement should comply with the objectives of the company. Since there are no two equal brands, it is very probable that neither there are two identical analysis methods. What is clear is that the analysis:

  • It should be done regularly and systematically.
  • Must comply with the objectives of the company, and to do this the first step is to have defined very clearly.
  • You should provide valuable information to make decisions, not just measure by measure.

A common mistake is to want to measure everything, thinking that everything that throws our web, social networks or email campaigns is just as important. If you want your analysis is really useful, you must find what metrics are most relevant to you. However, there are three facts you cannot ignore, and which are very important in every business.

3 metrics that matter most in your web

Traffic of your website
Traffic indicates the number of people visiting your website. That is to say, users who have managed to attract toward your brand by different means, either the SEO, social networks, the advertising or email marketing.

The more traffic you have on your web, greater possibilities you will have to get buyers. It is therefore important to monitor this figure, always with a focus on long-term average and taking into account the evolution over time.

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A lead is a person who has shown interest in your brand, usually leaving their data (name, email). Since they already have your contact details, you will be able to establish with him a more lasting relationship and they will not depend only on visiting your site.

Only a small portion of your site traffic will become leads. This is where it is important to examine one hand the number of leads, and the other leads the percentage of total traffic.

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The ultimate goal of every website is to sell, so the sales figures cannot be ignored when measuring the results of our online strategy.

With the sale closes the cycle that began with the traffic: a person visits a website, turns in lead and finally for sale. It is therefore important to relate the sales figures with those leads.

Only in this way you can detect areas of improvement:

  • Does your website have traffic but does not receive leads?
  • Does the leads do not become sales?
  • Does the site have few visitors and few leads and few sales?

In each of the cases must be applied a different solution.

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