What is Booktok on Tiktok

Booktok is a new feature on Tiktok that allows users to share short snippets of text from books they are reading. It’s a great way to connect with other book lovers and find new titles to read.

With Booktok, you can add books to your profile, create reading lists, and follow other users to see what they’re reading. You can also use Booktok to keep track of your reading progress and see how far you’ve come in a book.

You can also leave reviews and ratings for books you’ve read, which will help others choose what to read next. Whether you’re looking for your next great read or just want to connect with other book lovers, Booktok is the place for you!

What Means Booktok?

BookTok is a new social media trend that is taking the book community by storm. BookTok is short for Bookstagram + TikTok, and it involves creating videos about books on the TikTok app. The videos can be anything from book recommendations to unboxing hauls, and they are usually set to music or other creative audio.

BookTok has become popular because it is a fun and creative way to discover new books and connect with other book lovers. It is also a great way to support small businesses, as many of the creators who are leading the BookTok trend are independent bookstores or authors.

How Do I Use Booktok?

BookTok is a new app that allows you to read books and track your progress via short video updates. Here’s how to use it:

  • 1. Download the app and create an account.
  • 2. Find a book that you want to read from the library of available titles.
  • 3. Start reading! As you read, the app will keep track of your progress via video updates.
  • 4. Once you finish a book, you can share your review with other BookTok users or post it on social media.

Tiktok Booktok Recommendations

If you’re looking for your next favorite book, look no further than TikTok. The BookTok community is full of passionate readers who are always sharing their latest and greatest reads. Here are just a few of our favorite recent recommendations:

1. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – This fast-paced thriller follows a group of wealthy friends who are hiding a dark secret. Full of twists and turns, this book will keep you guessing until the very end.

2. The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon – This beautiful love story follows two teenagers from very different backgrounds who fall in love against all odds. It’s a touching read that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it.

3. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – If you’re looking for an action-packed fantasy read, look no further than Red Queen. With a strong female protagonist and an addictive plot, this series is impossible to put down once you start reading it.


How Popular is Booktok?

BookTok is a relatively new trend on TikTok, but it’s already amassed a large and dedicated following. If you’re not familiar with BookTok, it’s basically people making videos about books. This can be anything from book reviews to hauls to recommendations.

There are currently over 3 million BookTok videos on TikTok, which is impressive for a niche that only really started taking off in the last year or so.

The most popular BookTok accounts have millions of followers, and some of the most popular videos have been viewed tens of millions of times. So, if you’re looking for your next great read, make sure to check out BookTok.

With such a vast and varied selection of content, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Can You Make Money on Booktok?

No, you cannot make money on BookTok. BookTok is a platform for people to share and discover books, not a place for people to earn money.

If you’re looking to make money by sharing your love of books, you might be better off starting a blog or YouTube channel where you can review books and talk about them in more detail than what BookTok allows.


If you love books and you’re looking for a fun new way to connect with others who share your passion, then BookTok is definitely worth checking out!