Tips for Social Networking

Why should you use Gifs in your social networks

We all have seen it. The gifs wiped out on the internet, although it is not new. It emerged in the late 80s and now when it is living its golden age, thanks to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Gifs are gaining ground and big brands and use them in their communication channels. Do not you do it yet?

The acronym GIF corresponds to Graphics Interchange Format. But to understand well that it is a gif, nothing better than seeing it in action.

use gifs in social networks

The gifs have the best of photography and video together in a single format. About fun, flashy and short, this facilitates consumption. And if you think that this format is not for you and that only serves to share silly memes, think again and see how these are already using other companies.

Why should use GIFs into social networks

  • The gifs have the best of photography and video. By having movement attract the eye of your followers immediately.
  • Consumed until the end. The video is a great format and works well on social networks. The problem is that we risk losing audience along the way. The user knows that the gifs are short (a few seconds) and does not have to decide if it remains to see them or not, as in the case of videos.
  • Gifs are very expressive, and reinforce any message you want to convey in writing. Really connect with your audience.
  • These are easy to find or create. There are many libraries of animated gif files that you can use, but you can also create your own using free tools. These require much less effort than the production of video and that’s a big point in its favor.
  • These are fun! This is one reason that you should not overlook. Users enter social networking to relax and have fun, do not forget it!
  • These can also be educational. It is usual to identify the gifs with silly or funny images, but you can also use them to explain important concepts to your audience. How to make a purchase in your online store, how to use your product, what features does… there are aspects that can talk each other with a gif.
  • These can be used in emails. The gifs are not only good for social networking, most mail systems show them correctly.
  • These are viral. And if you get your gifs are transmitted from user to user will be doing a great job of spreading brand.