Tactics to improve your ads on Twitter

Are you developing an advertising campaign ads on Twitter? Then surely you will be interested to create better ads on Twitter that create interaction with your target. With these tactics, you will get it to optimize your Twitter campaigns.

improve ads on Twitter

Show your product
You cannot assume that all users will know your product, that’s why the Twitter ads must show clearly what you offer. Do not use poor quality images or too generic photos of image banks; it’s time to show your best side.

Associate with other brands when you can
If you have a small business you may be able to join forces with other powerful brands that serve more to attract user attention. For example, if you have a fashion store that sells exclusive brands in your city, you can take advantage of them in your creativity.

Use the geo-location in your favor
When you are using ads segmented geographically a simple way to attract the consumer is the use of images and texts related to the region to which you are going.

Highlight your value proposition
Understand what sets you apart from the competition is key to better segment to your audience but also to create better ads.

Try out different images
It is normal to doubt what will be the image that will get more clicks on Twitter. To find out for sure, nothing better than create multiple versions of a same ads with different creative to see which performs better.

Use the text to captivate the user
The ad text should offer the user a powerful reason to click. One of the formulas that work best is to convey a sense of urgency in the message, either including any special offers or gift. You can also ask questions that involve the audience in a conversation. Drawn up between 4 and 6 versions of the ad and put them to work before deciding which one is most effective.

You want to the user to perform an action only, so it is not advisable to include mentions and hashtags.

Customize the call to action
The call buttons to the action of the Twitter cards offer different options to meet your goals. Always choose the one that suits you.