Why should you write timeless content in your blog

We know the effort required to maintain a blog. We understand that you dedicate many hours to create content for your blog, and that you would like to get the maximum performance. What if we told you that a small change in the way to create the posts could make a big improvement in your blog? The key is to write timeless content that will attract constant traffic to your blog. Do you want to discover why?

timeless content

Reasons why you should write timeless content
The timeless content is that which remains of interest to the reader although it has been a while since its publication. It is customary to be great quality content and cover the topic with depth and details.

When writing timeless content you can update them from time to time to add or correct data, bring something new, delete details that are no longer relevant… but essentially remains valid.

Here is an example of a non-timeless content versus one that does is:

Instagram renews your logo design
5 Strategies to succeed in Instagram

The first one is only interested in the time of presentation of the new logo of Instagram, while the second article remains in force even though it has been a year since its drafting.

Taking this into account, the reasons for which this type of contents on a blog which are several.

Improving organic traffic
The timeless contents are usually long and detailed. If you also work on them the right keywords for your blog, you will be appreciated by Google and not stop receiving visits from the search engine.

You work today and receive benefits for a long time
Since the timeless content attracts traffic for a long time, also more benefits can provide in terms of leads or sales. Take advantage of this type of articles to introduce subscription forms or call to action buttons.

Feed Social Networks
The contents that does not lose validity have an added advantage in your social networking strategy, as you can promote them in the days after its publication but also months later. That significantly lightens the search for new content for your social profiles.

Convey the theme and personality of your blog
The timeless contents like the soul of your blog. In them you overturn all your knowledge and skills, and constitute in a certain way the pillar of your blog. These are posts for which new readers will subscribe to your newsletter, and those recurring readers will consult again and again.