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11 Important Questions to Answer Before Creating Your Blog

Have you take the decision to create a blog? Then this post is just for you.

Start your own blog is an adventure. If you are thinking of becoming a blogger, there are some important questions you should answer before you get started.

before creating your blog

To have the basics of your clear project will help to create a better blog and conquer your audience from the first day.

11 Important questions you should answer before creating your blog

1. What is the purpose of my blog?

To start determines what your true intentions to start a blog: promote your company, position your personal brand, earn extra income or even live blog, express yourself…

2. Who are the ideal reader of my blog?

It is impossible to please everybody. In the same way, you are not going to achieve that your blog interest to all kinds of readers. The more you know your audience more easy going to be write content that interest them and they want to share.

3. On what topic or niche am I going to write?

To find a topic on which blogging considers your goals, your audience, personal tastes and the competition (other blogs that are writing on similar topics).

4. What sections or categories of the topic will I try?

Determine a topic to write about is only the first step. Not stay out of ideas to divide the subject into more specific sections or possible categories for your blog.

5. What graphic resources will I use? Will I use images, infographics or videos already created, or I’ll create them myself?

The visual aspect of a blog is very important. Your blog will gain a lot if you have a logo and if you apply a uniform visual style and adapted to your target audience.

6. How often will I post new content?

Blogging requires perseverance and publish regularly. If you write three entries a week, and then you leave the blog for a month to give the impression that you do not take it seriously. In addition, it is very important to get your first readers.

7. What blogging platform will use?

The most common blogging services are Joomla and WordPress, but these are not the only ones. For professional results, WordPress.org is the most complete and versatile solution.

8. How can I promote the blog?

Are you having already presence in social networks? Are you going to attend events? Do you intend to create a list of subscribers?

What will be my domain name?

Make sure the names you like are available in the domain and social networks. If you are in doubt among many, it gives preference to shorter and simpler name. If it contains a keyword, much better.

10. What budget do I need to start my blog?

Having a budget is not a problem if you are willing to spend time. If you want more professional and quick results, you can hire a professional to launch your blog so you can forget your design and technical aspects.

11. Will I get revenues from my blog and how?

Not all blogs earn money, but is becoming more common for bloggers wish to obtain some performance of the effort made. The options for monetizing a blog are several: advertising, sponsored posts, selling products or services, consulting…