How to do geo-located searches on Twitter

For local businesses it is very important to find and connect with potential buyers who are in your environment. The question is how to do it in a simple and economic way.

geo-located searches on Twitter

Social networks are the answer to that problem. The geo-located searches on twitter are an advanced feature that allows companies to find out what users are tweeting about it. Combining the search by place with the search by keyword, local businesses can target only users that interest them and who are close to them.

How to do geo-located searches on Twitter with the advanced search

To make a geographic search must go to the advanced search of Twitter:

  • Start by entering the terms and/or hashtags that you want to search.
  • Add other search criteria if these are relevant to you, such as date.
  • In the Location section, click ‘Add location’. Twitter will automatically detect where you are.
  • Click on “Search” and you will get all results that match your criteria.

What happens if we do not want to search for tweets in the environment in which we are now, but in a different city?

In the advanced search, return to the section ‘Add Location’ and click on the name of the city that appears. There you will see some suggestions from other locations you can use, such as your region or your country. You’ll also see a box where you can enter the name of the place that you want.

Again click on search and get results with this new location.

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How to do geo-located searches on Twitter with the simple search engine

If you want to go faster with your geo-located searches, you do not need to use the advanced search. Simply enter in the search box this search operator:

keyword near “place”

We show an example so you understand better:

good morning near: “Florida, USA”

To be more precise, you can even use the GPS coordinates and make Twitter search only within a few kilometers around:

good morning geocode::”27.664827 – 51.259832,45km”