3 secrets to dominate Instagram

If you are using Instagram to upload a photo from time to time you are wasting the potential of this social network. The application in June 2016 reached 500 million monthly users and 300 of them come every day. And the public is not exclusively young, because the presence of adults is growing. In addition to regularly publish, there are some tricks that you can put into practice from now to gaining notoriety and dominate Instagram.

Turn on notifications of your favorite users and interact with them

If you want to gain a foothold in Instagram, you might seem useless to some people. But to achieve the popularity you have to be generous and take your first step by interacting with others.

dominate instagram

Search for users that are compatible with your brand. Then enable notifications to know when they publish a new photo. Then you only have to interact with them, leaving a comment, a “like” or even making a regram.

That way you get to draw your attention, they begin to follow or comment on your photos.

Invites instagrammers to publish in your account

Some big brands are inviting people from outside the company to manage your Instagram account for one day. It is beneficial for both parties because they get more visibility.

This is an idea that cannot be implemented from one day to another, because you have to locate instagrammers influential in your niche, establish a previous relationship with them and then reach agreement to collaborate with you.

Even if you give in your Instagram account to someone else for a day you should not lose total control. Decide together the photos and texts that will be published.

Other brands used the idea of the instagrammer invited to organize competitions. The person who wins the competition published in the organizer account for a day.

Publish your photos at the right time

Instagram has stopped showing the pictures in chronological order and now uses an algorithm similar to Facebook. The time of publication is still important because how recent a photo is also influences positioning. It is also crucial how to descriptions for photos on Instagram.

Consider in what times are most active your followers on other social networks and experiment with different times of publication. Think also what time zone are most of your followers and what are their living habits.