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5 tips to optimize a landing page for mobile

Landing pages are a key resource to achieve an action on the part of the visitor. Landing pages should have a clear objective and make both the design and the content work to achieve it. Everything must guide the visitor to the desired action, either a purchase or registration.

landing page for mobile

Since the navigation from mobile is increasing, it is important that the landing pages are prepared for all kinds of devices. Here are some tips for optimizing a landing page for mobile.

Reduces the text to a minimum
Read from the small screen of a mobile phone, that is why it is important to ask the minimum effort to the visitor. Do not write long texts, and make sure they are readable without having to do zoom:

  • Uses an appropriate font
  • Adds listings
  • It highlights the most important thing with bold
  • Use contrasting colors for calls to action.

Eliminates unnecessary fields on forms
Nobody likes to fill out forms, and less from a phone. Deletes all those fields that are not vital to complete the action and, if there is no other choice than the form will be long, divide it into several phases.

Reduces load time
Every landing page should be light to avoid unnecessary waiting times by the user.

Fits size so do not have to zoom or scroll
Many users view their mobile as they walk or do another activity. Handle with a single mobile phone and it is a nuisance having to use the other to expand the screen. Your landing page should look good without increasing the zoom, both horizontally and vertically.

Use the call button
Sometimes the easiest way to achieve action by the visitor is not through form, but a simple call. Place the call button on the top of your landing page so that it is clearly visible.

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