Tips for Social Networking

5 ways to save time on Social Networks

One of the most widespread ideas about social networks is that they are free. And while it’s true that creating and maintaining a Facebook page or a Twitter profile do not have any economic cost at first, there is another factor to consider: save time on social networks.

Although not make any investment in advertising, social networking feed takes you precious time that could be devoted to other tasks. It is therefore important to speed up these processes and not to invest too much time in the management of networks.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, SlideShare … the list of social networks is very extensive. And although we try hard to have a presence in all, it is not always the best idea.

Not all companies have to be in social networks. In addition to the objectives of each brand, available resources must be considered before deciding on what will work.

save time in social networks

If you feel that you are continually putting out fires in your social networks, it may be a good idea to make a selection and keep only those profiles that are really essential.

To have many profiles where nothing is published only provides a negative image, in contrast to two or three channels of communication well fed.

If you are thinking to keep some of your accounts, do it gradually and assesses its impact on your web traffic, the response of your users … If the impact is not great, keep going.

If on the other hand the lack of this social network is noticeable in your results, you’ll always be on time to recover it.

Research and select your tools

The community managers have a tendency to always seek the ultimate tool that allows us to save time in our tasks. This desire to seek innovation is positive, but sometimes we forget to get to know the tools that are already available.

Instead of trying to work with a dozen tools, select those that offer more features according to our needs and take some time to be deepened into them.

Our recommendation is to look at least:

  • A programming tool of social networks like Hootsuite
  • Content curation tools such as Pocket, Feedly or Evernote to easily detect external content.

Create a timetable for publication

A publication schedule is a basic tool for managing social networks. To know in advance what you are going to publish and when will help you focus your efforts and to plan your time more tightly.

Limits the notifications and email

Does your mobile phone not stop vibrating with new Facebook notifications? Does your inbox never to zero? If notifications and email distract you therefore set a clear timetable for consultation and pursue it.

Reuse your content

The life of the publications on social networks is becoming shorter time. So we must keep in mind that sharing only once our new content may not be enough. Define a strategy for republishing your content that allows you to achieve a greater scope.