Creating a Google Adwords campaign in 10 steps

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool for promoting your business in the first search engine in the world, Google. If you also want to discover their potential and apply the benefits of Adwords to your business, we help you create a Google Adwords campaign by following these 10 steps.

Determine the objectives of your campaign
Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? Attract more visitors to your site? Or do you perhaps increase your sales?

Creating a Google Adwords campaign

Decides what budget you want to invest
Analyzes how much money you have available and if it fits the targets that you hope to obtain of your campaign in Adwords.

Define the dates and the geographical location of your campaign
How long will your campaign be active? It may indefinitely, or may have certain duration. This is also time to think about which country or region you want your campaign is active.

Compose the list of appropriate keywords for your campaign
Start by creating a paper list with all the keywords that can meet the objectives of your campaign, including variations and synonyms. At this point you can go also noting negative keyword ideas: those that can trigger your ads by having similarity or relationship with your keywords, but that does not interest you.

Divide keywords into groups
Try to think how your client would do it, and groups the keywords according to criteria that make sense for your buyer or user, such as:

  • product names
  • brand names
  • business areas
  • geographical areas
  • season.

Moves your groups of keywords to Google Adwords
It is time to move from paper to display. Do not forget to also add negative keywords.

Compose ads for each keyword group
Each group of keywords should have a different ad from the rest that matches the keywords you have selected. But the ideal is to create more than one ad that go rotating and can check which of the different versions is more effective.

Add campaign extensions
Campaign extensions are very useful to increase the CTR of your ads, do not forget to create them.

Activate your campaign and conducts periodic analysis
This will help you have better control and knowledge of your advertising campaigns. You can do a good follow-up to the keywords, ads and web sites. So you will understand the benefits or what the problem of your ads after these analyzes.

Make changes based on the results
There are many ways to improve the performance of your Adwords campaign. Depending on the results:

  • add or remove keywords
  • stop ads that do not work well and create variations of those that are effective
  • adjust the slots in which your campaign is activated
  • add more negative words
  • adjust the budget.

We hope these 10 steps to create a Google Adwords campaign will be useful and begin to make your advertising campaigns on this platform.

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