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7 web design mistakes that you should avoid

Now it is true that there are many people that if they venture into the world of web design-minded, willing to work and deliver quality work that for one thing or another since make mistakes, in my view, of beginners. To all of them I dedicate this post with seven web design errors that I think should be avoided.

common web design mistakes

The non-responsive web design

This is the biggest of all errors in web design. If you design a website and you do not have in mind to users who use mobile basically you’re hitting a shot in the foot, bearing in mind that the users who access the Internet through their mobile devices are today a wide majority that exceeds who used a desktop computer.

There is no digital retouching images

This is an important point which really catches my attention. More than anything because sometimes it seems that there are people who design web pages that don’t realize when something is pixelated, blurry, stretched, etc.

As a graphic designer is terrible meet stretched or enlarged photographs, but other users also annoy them or cause them bad impression when they visit a website with poor quality images. And the fact is that an image costs more than 1.000 words, as the saying goes.

The web has required sound

This is something that I personally very irritating and I consider one of the great mistakes of web design despite that it is not to use. In a world where we use applications like Spotify, radio stations, MP3 devices, etc….

So are you going to play music or background sounds on your website? And if it turns out that do you have videos showing your work? The era of background on web pages sounds long ago that step and I doubt very much that is never going to return.

The contrast is not enough

Sometimes you are surfing the Internet and you find websites where you have trouble reading the information because they have decided that orange over yellow looks good.

Okay, there are professional works where maybe the gray scale is used with white and contrast is not good. Or a blue on black is used and not properly choose the colors.

Be careful with colors but even more with the contrast that we will get playing with them. It is one of the web design mistakes that see often, the truth.

The navigation is complicated

If we enter a web and do not know how to navigate, that site has a problem. This usually happens in creative cut websites where it is not easy to access the information that we are looking for.

That is always a mistake in a world where today what you are carrying is the quick access to information. In addition, it should be common sense and judgment to create the navigation menu and no thousand subdivisions. The users like gaining access to for what they are looking in a pair of clicks.

Broken links

This can happen to anyone but is solved with a simple review before publishing the web or web content. It gives a bad image when visiting a website and we find links to pages that do not exist.

Information is not organized

It should be common sense for everything in this life, but if you do web design, more. Organize information that will be displayed on a web page sometimes is not easy, but to devote sufficient time sure to find the way to do it.

This is a common mistake among other things because many times those designing web pages have limited knowledge of design or programming. If this is your case, look for a specialist to help you correct one of the most common web design mistakes.