Tips to optimize your Google Adwords campaign

Clearly establishes your objectives and keywords for which you are going to bid

When you go to start a Google AdWords campaign first thing to do is to set clear goals. What do you get? A purchase, a call…? Taking your clear goals will get the results of your campaign much more satisfactory because the whole process will be focused on achieving that objective.

optimize Google Adwords campaign

The second question that you must ask to yourself: What search terms to be used my potential clients to find my product or service on the internet? You must thoroughly analyze the keywords that you set, bid on them and go to optimizing them little by little.

A much more effective level of profitability strategy is to bid on our own brand. In addition to the cost per click in much less, doing this we can customize site links and our ads with great accuracy, showing the most remarkable and distinctive attributes of our company that is something that cannot be done on the links of organic results (free) as it is Google who sets them.

We can also bid on the brand of our competitors but Google will prohibit us to use the name of that mark in the ads and the quality level is much lower. This will cause a battle of bids among competitors, thus it is believed, and the benefit to the search engine giant is higher and spending for advertisers as well.

Do not use previous campaigns. Create a new and start from scratch

Perhaps you had previously activates an AdWords campaign that did not give you very good results in which everything is already created. Use this campaign will prevent us going through the tedious process of creating a new campaign from scratch, but that is not the best solution. Learn here creating a google adwords campaign in 10 steps….

Start an AdWords campaign with a CTR in the historic that is below the recommended, you can do the campaign fail. The best solution is to create a new campaign from scratch.

It is best to start bidding quite high and go down bids progressively thus get gradually a level of higher quality and Google will reward keeping us our ads in higher positions and reducing our cost per click, or which is the same, making profitable campaign.

The importance of matching keywords

Many people are unaware of the types of keyword matching and introduce them all in broad match, this will drain your budget right away and you receive lower quality clicks.

If you do not want this to happen other types of congruity as the exact, the phrase and the wide modified. It is also totally recommend the use of negative keywords. Study thoroughly the different match types and examines in detail your keywords.

Create quality ads and optimize them

The drafting of the announcements of your campaign is a fundamental aspect to be taken into account. There are important details that you should not overlook the fact to the attention of your potential customers such as: a call to action like “Find out without commitment: Now!” capture the attention of our target audience more easily.

Another fundamental aspect is that your ad should keep absolute relation to the product or service that you are advertising, because if there is no such relationship, we will obtain visits that will not provide any type of benefit to us and therefore we will not be promoting our campaign.

Also note that the keyword that triggered your ad will appear in “bold” therefore, writing and visual appearance of your ad will be particularly important.

Intelligently uses the destination pages of your advertisement (“landing pages”)

It is very important to a good level of quality that there is concordance between the keyword, ad text and landing page that will reach our potential customers. It is very common to make the mistake that all ad groups are redirecting to the same page or all do it to the home.

It should facilitate the usability to the user. If a user is looking for something specific and when click on the ad is found without having to search through the web. The % of chances to hire our service or buy our product will increase exponentially.