Attracts More Traffic with Twitter with these 8 Tips

Twitter is the preferred social network of many brands. Do you know why? It is an incredible source of traffic. With the right techniques, Twitter will take a lot of traffic to your website. Just implement these eight techniques to get more traffic with Twitter.

get traffic on Twitter

Implements the Twitter Cards on your website
The Twitter Cards are rich tweet format. It is proven to increase CTR and engagement that are more visual and provide more information than normal messages.

Fixed the most important tweets on your profile
When you set a message to your profile that remains in the top but not be the most recent. Reserve this position for the most important messages.

Be visual
If you think Twitter is a platform in which only fit 140 characters, forget it. All your posts should take an image, gif or video. Tools like Canva or the search engine itself of the gifs of Twitter put you easy visual being in your messages. There are also many banks free images that you can use to illustrate your updates.

Interact with influential users
Influential people help disseminate content and get more followers. Audiense (formerly SocialBro) have the option to order the members of your Twitter community by level of influence.

First step is to add the influential people on a list of Twitter. Put an appropriate name to the list, for example “SEO experts” or “Favorites SEM” to follow their tweets. That will make it easier to interact with them and know what kinds of content interest them.

Be sure to share content of these influential people, without losing balance with your own content.

Use relevant hashtags
If you do not know what hashtags are best for your account, get inspired by the tags that used by influential located previously, or other outstanding accounts in your sector.

Be repetitive
It is customary to be afraid of being too insistent on Twitter; so many people share their messages only once. But this way you are not going to achieve traffic of consistent form.

Messages that point to your website should be shared multiple times, on different days and time slots. Change the messages and images not to turn out to be boring.

You can do this work every week with Hootsuite, but there are also other tools like Edgar or Metricool that help a lot to manage this type of messages that are repeated so often.

Mention other users
Mentioning another user is a way to get you to do RT, getting more visibility and traffic. Use this tactic sparingly, such as when sharing with others or if you’ve written a content that talk of other companies.

Create good headlines
The most effective formula to get traffic on Twitter is to headlines that encourage click. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Asking questions of your community.
  • Including data or surprising figures.
  • Offering a solution to a common problem.
  • Introducing some intrigue.