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How Social Media Fosters Brand Loyalty

We can all think of our favorite brands. They may be household names for foods we grew up with in childhood, or may represent recent discoveries in the supermarket aisle. When the right brand comes along, a person tends to search for it as something they can rely on again and again.

If you are developing a brand, your aim is to create brand loyalty by thinking of your target customer and what will appeal to him and him or her. You have to fill a need in your customers to encourage them to buy your products repeatedly.

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Finding Your Target Customer

Based on the sales you have already made and the feedback you have received from customers or visitors to your website, come up with a target customer and market your product to him or her. Consider age, demographics and profession.

Also, think about what this person enjoys and what they do in their spare time. Imagine the other products in their shopping cart on and what kind of content they share on social media.

Shareability Versus SEO

A decade ago, content marketing was focused on finding the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have created a new phase of content marketing with shareability as a goal rather than just SEO.

While you still want to get original visits to your site through organic search, and keyword strategies are still effective at bringing these visitors to your page, a shared item can be as effective in creating awareness for your brand and fostering loyalty as the right keyword.

If someone lands on your website by chance, what they see might spark their interest or they might move on. If their friend who is an advocate for healthy eating, for example, shares a recipe from Hampton Creek, followers and friends on social media may take the update as a recommendation for the product. Endorsements can go farther in promoting products than strategies to draw someone to a website through a random search term.

In addition, shareability breeds shareability. This means that once a group of friends has shared that Hampton Creek recipe, they are likely to share other recipes on the site, and pretty soon, a group of social media friends develops loyalty for a specific brand of natural and organic food.

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Since the brand is associated with a particular lifestyle, there is a good chance that the topic will come up again, and the brand will receive more attention from this particular group.

Creating a Relationship

Just as the people who share links on social media have a relationship with each other, so a company should strive to develop a relationship with its customers.

Engaging with people on social media and encouraging customers to share their positive feedback on a particular product can help leverage brand loyalty in an effort to create brand awareness.

Tap into your customer base and contact people on social media to generate more like-minded customers who will share promotions and content about your products. The more people who are involved in the conversation about your brand, the more likely news about your products will go viral.