Best WordPress Plugins to make your site more Sociable

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to add features to your web, so many that it is sometimes difficult to choose which ones are best.

best wordpress plugins

There are many types of plugins, but there is one that cannot fail in your site: those that will make it more sociable, because they help to visitors to share your website on social networks. Use these type of plugins helps to publicize your website and increase the popularity of the contents of your blog. These are some of the best WordPress plugins to make your website more sociable.

Click to Tweet
This plugin is used to insert relevant sentences within your website, where users can Tweet automatically just click on it. It is very useful to use in your blog and highlight the most fun or interesting phrases, or to encourage the use of a hashtag.

Operation is simple. Once the plugin is installed, you only have to insert a code along with the phrase you want to be tweeted.

SumoMe is a multipurpose plugin that allows you to perform several different actions. One of the best is the role of social sharing.

SumoMe buttons have an attractive and modern design, and can be placed in different places on your site: above the text, below or on one side.

The official Twitter plugin for WordPress used to easily embed messages from the network in your web site. In addition, your site implemented in the Twitter Cards, which will increase the performance of your tweets.

The Twitter Cards show a preview of the shared link, which increases interaction and CTR.

Social Locker
Use Social Locker increase the virality of your website. For this to work, you need to create an exclusive content to which can only be accessed by persons who share your post on networks using Social Locker.

Explains the characteristics of the exclusive content and then places the button of Social Locker. When someone clicks on this button, your website will be shared (with text you’ve set) and visitors can access the downloadable.