How to Succeed in Pinterest with Blog

Pinterest is the first source of traffic for many professional bloggers. How do they get? We reveal some of the tricks to succeed in Pinterest with your blog.

succeed in pinterest

Create a company profile

Company profiles appear to be the same as the personal profiles, but have extra functions: analytical and rich pins. Even if your blog is not a professional one, you should always use a company account in Pinterest.

If you start from zero, you can create the business account directly. If you already have a personal account, you can change it to professional without losing pins or followers.

Confirm your website

The main advantage of confirm your web site is that pictures that come your blog will be your profile picture. Also in the statistics section you will see the data to your website. There are two ways to confirm your blog: using a meta tag or upload an HTML file.

Add a button to Pin on all your images

If you have a blog you have social buttons so the readers to share your posts on networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Now you must make sure your images can be shared easily on Pinterest, and it is best to put a button on each.

See if your current social button plugin includes this function. If not so, switch to plugins as Shareaholic or SumoMe.

Includes optimized images for all your Twitter posts

Put button options is not enough for your audience to share your images in Pinterest. The important things are the pictures, and these must be optimized:

  • Designs vertical charts using quality photos (735 pixels wide).
  • Includes calls to action.
  • Adds descriptions with keywords.

Images are the key to success in Pinterest. If you are lacking in ideas, sail along the social network and observe how the most popular pines are. Later working with tools like Canva or PicMonkey: these are the easiest to use and very practical.

Once created the images, upload them on your posts and then pin from there. The work can be a bit tedious if you have many posts which add optimized images. In that case, start with the most recent or the most read posts.

Create your boards based on the topics of your blog

This is the time to create your first board or restructure those who already have made. All boards are editable: you can change its name, description and pins that you hold. You can rest assured that you are not losing anything in the process.

Start by creating a board for each of the categories of your blog. There pins the images of your posts grouped into that category, along with other interesting pictures you find on the web. This way you will promote your content also adding other: you are providing value without neglecting your traffic.

Do not gather all the photos that you’ve pinned your website on a single board, it will be too confusing.

Use article rich pins

Rich pins added additional information to the pins, that possibilities for users to click. Of all types of rich pins, the most suitable for bloggers are article type.

To start using rich pins you must add few tags to your blog, but you can save this process if you use the Yoast SEO plugin. Then you have to request the use of rich pins to Pinterest. As soon as you authorize it, the pines proceeding from your web site will turn out to be much more attractive.